SCADALink RIO900 Based Wireless Shutdown Systems

The SCADALink RIO900 is a specialized IO Telemetry RTU/Modem designed for wireless monitoring and control. With specialized ESD Modules such as the COMBO-IO-ESD  the ESD Digital Inputs, the ESD Digital Outputs;  the RIO900 can be used for wireless shutdown systems in applications such as:

  • Well Production of Tank Batteries
  • Pumping into Disposal and Injection Wells
  • Source Well Pumping
  • Source Water for Fracking Operations
  • High Volume Well Shutdown on High Separator Levels

The SCADALink RIO900 and the COMBO-IO-ESD I/O Module can easily be deployed for shutting down applications to broadcast wireless shutdown signals to multiple remote sites while simultaneously providing wireless access to field data/status via Modbus RTU protocol.  With the COMBO I/O-SD module, the SCADALink RIO900-ESD broadcasts the status of the INPUT module through the integrated 900 MHz radio module, initiating shutdown at remote sites. This RIO900 and COMBO-IO-ESD are simple to use with no programming required to set up this wireless shutdown functionality.

RIO900 System Architecture for Point to Multi-Point Shutdown System


The SCADALink RIO900-ESD system consists of a Master RIO900-ESD communicating to multiple Slave RIO900-ESD over a multi-drop network. The RIO900-ESD uses a secure broadcast protocol for ESD I/O control. ESD inputs at the Master RTU are broadcast to matching ESD outputs at the Slave RTUs. ESD functionality is preconfigured and no programming is required.

The following system architecture diagram shows the RIO900 and COMBO-IO used in a Shutdown Systems. This configuration allows remote broadcast shutdown from a master site with a hardwired input. (ESD)  Status of remote sites can be accessed by connecting to inputs (RUN, FAIL) at the remote site.

Status Monitoring

The status of remote sites can be accessed by Polling of the Modbus Address of RIO900 Nodes at the Remote Sites (Figure 2) This method is utilized where is a large number of remote sites.  Alternatively, I/O Telemetry can be used for status inputs by adding COMBO-IO at Master Site set to Matching Address of the Slave (See Figure 2) and using the hardwire contacts. This method might be used in applications there may be only a few remote sites.

Figure 2  



COMBO-IO-ESD Shutdown Modules

The SCADALink COMBO-I/O Modules with mixed I/O (2 DI,  1 AI (4-20ma) 2 DO, 1 AO (4-20 ma)) are designed for SCADA & Telemetry applications with a small number of I/O. The single COMBO-IO module with both inputs and outputs, allowing a small system with a minimum number of modules and correspondingly a small footprint.

Specialized versions of the COMBO-IO  are designed for use with Shutdown Systems. These are designated the COMBO-IO-ESD-xx (xx=Master or Slave). The COMBO-IO-ESD-xx are COMBO-IOs that are factory set as matching sets where the Hardwired Inputs (shown in RED) at the Master (COMBO-IO-ESD-Master)  are Mapped to Outputs (shown in RED) at the Slaves (COMBO-IO-ESD-Slave).  Outputs in COMBO-IO-ESD-Slave are at factory set addresses that can only be mapped to Outputs in COMBO-IO-ESD-Input modules. This ensures secure plug and plays operation. Inputs from COMBO-IO can be mapped to Modbus Registers at each Slave Node for Status Inputs.

Use of the COMBO-IO-ESD Modules enables wireless shutdown using  Wireless RIO900 Systems with the simplicity and security of a hard-wired shutdown system while retaining the flexibility of an RTU System.

COMBO-IO Modules


 COMBO-IO Module Block Diagram

  COMBO-I/O-ESD Module Table


 COMBO-I/O Settable Address 1 to 10.
 COMBO-IO-ESD-Master Fixed Address A and B
 COMBO-IO-ESD-Slave Fixed Address A or B for the Module and Settable Address 1 to 10 for Input
























DI/DO ESD Modules

ESD I/O Modules

Digital ESD I/O Modules are specially designed to work with SCADALink RIO900 and RIO100 Controllers (RIOx00) to implement Remote Wireless Shutdown Systems. The Digital ESD Modules have fixed to address to ensure plug and play operation.

An RIO based ESD Systems consist of a single RIOx00 an ESD Input or one or more RIOx00 Nodes with ESD Output Module.  Each RIO Network can have a single ESD Input Module.  RIO based Shutdown Systems can be a Point to Point or Point to Multipoint Architecture.

ESD I/O Modules are clearly marked and color-coded to identify system function. The ESD I/O Modules are designed for support hardwired input and output used in shutdown circuits.

ESD Digital Input Module

Each ESD Input Module has 2 ESD Inputs.   This allows an ESD Input Module to control 2 separate ESD Outputs. The 2 ESD Outputs can be as independent outputs at different sites.

ESD Digital Output Module

Each ESD output Modules has 2 ESD Outputs and 2 RSD (Remote Shutdown)  that can be used to 2 independent ESD groups.  Associated with each ESD is an RSD Outputs that controlled via Modbus Protocol. The 2 groups of ESD and RSD are beside each other, so they can be easily wired in series as a permissive in a system that utilizes hardwire ESD and Modbus Controlled Shutdown.

Remote tank battery monitoring and wireless shutdown system

Remote tank battery monitoring and wireless shutdown system


Plug-and-Play Operation

Using the RIO900-ESD system for an ESD System, the RIO900-ESD Master is be connected to the RIO900-ESD Slaves via an integrated 900 MHz radio network. Outputs at the ESD I/O on the Slave will match the input state at the ESD I/O Master. If data link or Master RIO900-ESD fails, the Slave RTU outputs will go into failsafe / “OFF” state. Note that for ESD operation, no SCADA Host or PLC master equipment programming/configuration is required. In this manner, a wireless ESD system can be rapidly and securely implemented. Point-to-multipoint polling can be integrated in the future.

Fail Safe Operation

The RIO900-ESD features fail-safe operation. ESD outputs will shut down if there no communication from the master to slave exceeds the timeout configured in the Master (10-60 seconds).

Inter-Operation with SCADA Data Traffic

The RIO900 Systems allowing SCADA data to inter-operate with RIO900 I/O traffic data with no interference.

Modbus RTU Protocol

The RIO900-ESD Slave I/O Points can be polled by standard SCADA Host or RTU Masters via Modbus RTU protocol if the RIO900-ESD RTU mode is enabled and a Modbus RTU address assigned. For ESD operation only, Modbus Protocol is not required or utilized.

I/O Module

Each RIO Node can interface with up to 10 SCADALink I/O Modules to provide expanded I/O functionality.

RIO100-ESD for Use with Existing Radio Networks

A SCADALink  RIO100 model can be used if the customer already has an established radio network and wants to implement that network with this wireless SHUTDOWN functionality at remote sites.

SatSCADA Master for Remote ESD Callout & Control for RIO900 Network

A SCADALink SAT1xx can be easily integrated with the RIO900 systems to provide remote monitoring and alarm call out. A SAT1xx can be used as a data concentrator at the Master RIO900-ESD site (eg. Tank Battery). In this configuration, the user can remotely monitor the status of all sites including the master site and remotely initiate a shutdown by controlling the ESD Input.


Remote Wireless Shutdown

The RIO900 is ideal for remote wireless shutdown applications. A typical example of this application is the requirement to prevent overflow for oil or water tanks reach a critical level. The RIO900 can be used to send a shutdown signal to multiple remote sites at once.  This remote shutdown can prevent high pressure on gathering lines when the inlet valve is closed.

  • Well Production of Tank Battery
  • Pumping into Disposal and Injection Wells
  • Source Well Pumping
  • Source Water for Fracking Operations


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