Turnkey SCADALink RIO900 Telemetry Packages can be provided for applications where customers require a complete end to end solution for common industry applications.  In some cases customers may require packaged systems at one end and loose equipment to be installed in existing panels at the other end.

Complete RIO900 Packages are frequently requested by customers that require remote I/O telemetry at sites without line power; thus requiring solar power systems.  We provide off the shelf solar power systems; the purchase of complete packages allows faster system delivery.

Use of turnkey SCADALink RIO900 Packages allow for rapid  deployment.

Pre-Configured, Tested  & Documented Systems

Packaged RIO900 Systems ensure that the system arrived pre-configured and tested for the application.


RIO900 Packages can be housed in  NEMA4, NEMA4X,  NEMA3R, NEMA12 Rated Weatherproof Enclosures; with Steel, Stainless Steel or Polycarbonate Materials.

Antenna Systems

Antenna systems can be provided for application;  be it elevated YAGI antenna systems, or integral low profile panel mount antennas.

Solar Power Systems

For sites requiring autonomous power; 12 or 24 VDC solar power packages can be supplied complete the solar panel mount, battery boxes, and RTU stand if required. The RIO900  and I/O Modules have low power operation modes which can be utilized for power savings and allow smaller solar packages sizes.

24VDC Loop Power

The RIO900 AI and AO I/O Modules have integral DC to DC converters that provide 100 ma of 24VDC  power from 10-30 VDC input power thus ensuring reliable instrumentation power from  equipment with on 12 VDC power source.

CSA Certification

Complete panel packages with Class I Div 2 Certification can be supplied to ensure field electrical compliance.

Quick Connector Systems

Systems can be provided with M12 Quick Connector to provide plug and play operation thus minimize field installation and commissioning time and insure reliable operation.

Instrumentation Supply

If required we can supply Pressure, Level, & Temperature Instrumentation for your application completely calibrated and tested.


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