Landfill operations require monitoring and control for leachate pumping operation and for methane gas collection.  Monitoring and Control could range for Wireless I/O Telemetry for Pump Control to Wireless Data Communications for SCADA Communications to PLC, RTU, or Gas Meters.



Pump Control Telemetry

In landfill operations, there is a need to start and stop pumping based on tank level (C). Pumps (B & A) would be stopped in high level at (C).  Pump Control  is frequently performed using Wireless Telemetry Systems. In landfill operation, the terrain changes as the landfill builds up, this line of site may become obstructed.

Wireless Communications for Landfill Monitoring

Remote Monitoring and Telemetry for landfill applications can be difficult due to nature of the landfill operations.  Wireless technologies are typically used, since hardwiring within a landfill is not practical. Wireless technologies like licensed and unlicensed radio can be used but may encounter problems due to obstruction by berms and by the gradual build up of landfill over time.

The Repeater function of the SCADALink RIO900 Telemetry Modem/RTU makes it ideal for landfill monitoring applications as it allows a RIO900 Node (B)  to be a Repeater for RIO900 node (A) that does not have line of site to (C).


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