The SCADALink RIO900 Modem/RTU is an ideal solution for Industrial Remote Pump Monitoring Applications.  For Pumping application such as Water Transfer, Water Diversion, or Dewatering – Remote Monitoring is desirable to reduce labour costs, improve personnel safety, and reduce environmental liabilities.  With Remote Monitoring, there is need for remote communications.

Unlicensed Wireless Communication

Wireless communication allows rapid deployed connectivity to portable and mobile pump skids. Unlicensed 900 Mhz Spread Spectrum Communications allows deployment without need for licensing, subscription to carrier services and the associated ongoing operating costs.   For permanent and long term pumping installations, unlicensed communications can provide continuous high speed connectivity with no ongoing operating costs.

Long Distance Communications & Store and Forward Operation

The RIO900 has range of up to 20 miles Line of Site (LOS).  The RIO900 Platform offers Store and Forward (SAF) Repeater operation thus  allowing relaying via another RIO900 Nodes (C) when terrain and foliage affects Line of Site(LOS) between a Master and Remote nodes.  The SAF operation of the RIO900 systems can allows monitoring of pump strings with many pump nodes (A,B,C,&D)  from a centralized location (D).   The RIO900 can provide connectivity to an onsite SCADA Systems or a to SatSCADA Network.  The RIO900 Systems can provide last mile extension to Satellite/Cellular Based System when the Pump Skid is located at a location where there is no Satellite or Cellular Connectivity.


Wireless RS485 Serial Connectivity to Pump Controllers

The SCADALink RIO900 features RS232 and RS485 Serial Connectivity enabling remote connectivity to Pump Controllers with serial communications ports.


A SCADALink RIO900 based wireless network can be used with the SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular IoT Hub to provide Cloud based access to Pump String as shown below.



E;ectronic Engine Controllers with  RS485 Connectivity 
CP750 PanelML2000 Panel C-Serias Panel


 RIO 900 – I/O Connectivity 

The RIO900 can allow I/O connections when I/O Expansion Modules (AI, AO, DI, DO) are utilized.  I/O Connection can be used when I/O Mirroring or accessed via Modbus RTU Protocol. This I/O Connectivity can be used to connect to additional sensors and inputs (inlet pressure, inlet temperature, outlet temperature, outlet pressure, flow, and level) in cases where the Pump Controller does not have the necessary additional inputs/outputs.   The Analog Input (AI4) and Analog Input (A04) Modules have a integrated DC to DC supply that provides 24VDC Loop Power for loop powered instruments, insuring simple operation with 12VDC engine systems.

The I/O Mirroring Mode can be used to remotely monitor and control Pump Skids that do not have Electronic Controllers with RS485 Connectivity.








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