• SCADALink RIO900Low-Power Radio RTU Designed for I/O Telemetry and SCADA Applications.


SCADALink RIO900: Integrated Radio RTU

The SCADALink RIO900 is a license-free 900 MHz radio / RTU designed for general serial communications to smart devices such as Electronic Flow Meters (EFM) and Industrial I/O signals such as 4-20mA signals and dry contact digital I/O. The RIO900 provides wireless RTU and I/O capabilities, failsafe mode, and scheduled or sleep mode for low power operation.

Wireless Point-to-Multipoint Communications

The RIO900 features license-free 900 MHz spread-spectrum radio technology providing a range of 20 miles. The RIO900 is ideal for SCADA applications that requires wireless communication to smart meters such as EFMs, Level Transmitters, Power Meters and Instrumentation.

SCADALink RIO900: EFM Communications


RS232 & RS485 Interfaces

With both RS232 and RS485 interfaces, the RIO900 enables connectivity to field devices without installation of additional interface converters, allowing multiple devices to be multidropped on the same COM port.


SCADALink RIO900: RS485 Multidrop


SCADALink RIO900: RS485 and RS232


I/O Expansion

The RIO900 features an I/O Expansion bus which allows interfacing up to 8 SCADALink I/O Modules including the AI4, AO4, DI8, DO8, A8D4. The features may allow additional I/O points for monitoring and control.

SCADALink RIO900: I/O Modules with Transmitters


The I/O Modules can be easily attached to the RIO900 via the I/O bus as shown below:



A pair of RIO900 is a cost-effective solution for end-to-end remote monitoring and control. The RIO900 is designed specfically to handle situations where I/O needs to be replicated at another site.

Low-Power Operation

With low-power consumption, the RIO900 enables SCADA communications to intelligent field devices with a minimal solar-power system. For applications with ultra low-power constraints, the RIO900 features a Sleep Mode operation where the RIO900 is powered down when not in use.

Smart Devices Support

The RIO900 is ideal for use with smart instrument systems such as EFMs and Level Transmitters.



Features & Specs

Radio Communications
Band902-928 MHz License Free
Spread Spectrum (North America)
915-928 MHz (Intl version)
Tx Power1 mW – 1 Watt
Rx Sensitivity-110 dBm (@9600 bps)
RF Data Rate9.6 or 115.2 Kbps
Range (LOS)>20 miles
Antenna ConnectorSMA
Input / Outputs1 RS232, 1 RS232 / RS485
Serial1200 – 115,200 Baud
Input Voltage+9 to 30VDC
Power Consumption*
Peak Tx Current(@24VDC)105mA
Rx Current (@24VDC)6mA
Sleep Current (@24VDC)1.5mA
Operating ModeScheduled or Periodic Sleep for Low Power Operation
* – Does not include power consumption of I/O modules
Operating Temperature-40 to 85 Deg. C
RegulatoryFCC, IC , ETSI
Hazardous LocationClass 1 Div 2, Group C, D T3C
Suitable for use in: Class 1 Zone 2, IIB, T3






Radio communications for EFMs and instrumentation such as:

  • Control Microsystems SCADASense 4202 / 4203
  • Dynamic EChart Flow Computers





SCADALink RIO900-ESD: Integrated Radio RTU with Emergency Shutdown

The SCADALink RIO900-ESD is a specialized RTU designed for emergency shutdown of Oil and Gas pumping systems such as:

  • Well Production into Tank Batteries
  • Pumping into Disposal and Injection Wells
  • Source Well Pumping
  • Source Water for Fracking Operations

The SCADALink RIO900-ESD is a license-free 900 MHz radio / RTU preconfigured for emergency shutdown applications. The SCADALink RIO900-ESD uses its integrated radio to broadcast shutdown signals to multiple remote sites while simultaneously providing wireless access to field data over Modbus RTU protocol. With the I/O module attachment, the SCADALink RIO900-ESD broadcasts the status of the I/O module through the integrated 900 MHz radio module, causing a shutdown at remote sites to prevent emergency situations. The RIO900-ESD is simple to use with no programming required to setup the emergency shutdown functionality.


  • Secure factory configured network
  • Failsafe operation with configurable time-out
  • 2 serial interfaces (1 RS232 and 1 RS485 serial)
  • Integrated 900 MHz Radio
  • Failsafe ESD I/O modules
  • Inter-operation with existing SCADA traffic
  • Modbus RTU protocol


The SCADALink RIO900-ESD system consists of a Master RIO900-ESD communicating to multiple Slave RIO900-ESD over a multi-drop network. The RIO900-ESD uses a secure broadcast protocol for ESD I/O control. ESD inputs at the Master RTU are broadcast to matching ESD outputs at the Slave RTUs. ESD functionality is preconfigured and no programming is required.

SCADALink RIO900: Emergency Shutdown

RIO ESD- Emergency Shutdown for Existing Networks

Plug-and-Play Operation

Using the RIO900-ESD system for a ESD System, the RIO900-ESD Master is be connected to the RIO900-ESD Slaves via an integrated 900 MHz radio network. Outputs at the ESD I/O on the Slave will match the input state at the ESD I/O Master. If data link or Master RIO900-ESD fails, the Slave RTU outputs will go into failsafe / “OFF” state. Note that for ESD operation, no SCADA Host or PLC master equipment programming / configuration is required. In this manner, a wireless ESD system can be rapidly and securely implemented. Point-to-multipoint polling can be integrated in the future.

Fail Safe Operation

The RIO900-ESD features failsafe operation. ESD outputs will shutdown if there no communication from the master to slave exceeds the time-out configured in the Master (10-60 seconds).

Inter-Operation with SCADA Data Traffic

The RIO900-ESD Master coordinates ESD protocol data with SCADA data, allowing standard SCADA data to inter-operate with RIO900-ESD traffic data.

Modbus RTU Protocol

The RIO900-ESD Slave I/O Points can be polled by standard SCADA Host or RTU Masters via Modbus RTU protocol if the RIO900-ESD RTU mode is enabled and a Modbus RTU address assigned.Note: For ESD operation only, Modbus Protocol is not required or utilized.

I/O Modules

The RIO900-ESD can interface with up to 8 SCADALink I/O Modules to provide expanded I/O functionality.

RIO100-ESD for Existing Radio Networks

The SCADALink RIO100-ESD model can be selected if the customer already has an established radio network and wants to expand that network with ESD functionality at remote sites: see RIO100-ESD

SAT100 Master for Remote ESD Callout / Control for RIO900 Network

A SCADALink SAT100 can be integrated with the RIO900-ESD systems to provide remote ESD monitoring and alarm callout. A SAT100 can be used as a data concentrator at the Master RIO900-ESD site (eg. Tank Battery). In this configuration, the user can remotely monitor the status of all sites including the master site and remotely initiate a shutdown.

Point to Multipoint (PMP)

Sometimes there is requirement not only for Point to Point to Point but also Point to Multipoint Bidirectional Telemetry. PMP I/O telemetry systems is shown below. Inputs (1) are broadcast to Outputs (1), Analog Inputs (2) are replicated as Analog Outputs (2), Digital Inputs (3) are replicated as Digital Outputs(3).

 End to End IO Telemetry - Point to Point or Point to Multipoint


Remote Shutdown

  • Well Production into Tank Batteries
  • Pumping into Disposal and Injection Wells
  • Source Well Pumping
  • Source Water for Fracking Operations

The RIO900 is ideal for remote shutdown applications. A typical example of this application is the requirement to prevent overflow when tanks that are collecting oil and water reaches a critical level. The RIO900 can be used to send a shutdown signal to multiple remote sites at once.





Documentation & Software

Manuals & Datasheets



The RIO900 GUI is a windows based application used to configure, save and restore all RIO family device settings. It is connected to the RIO device via serial cable to COM port.


The RIO900 and RIO900ESD have a radio modem that can be configured for wireless data communication.






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