SAT110 Satellite Alarm Callout

The SAT110 is a portable RTU / Alarm Dialer Unit featuring built-in battery, vibration sensor, I/O, magmount and C1D2 hazardous location certification that can be rapidly deployed for monitoring Run / No Run condition of compressors and generators. Integral GPS allows location tracking of remote assets such as generators, compressors, tanks, skids, and buildings. The 3 integral I/0 allows connection of alarm contacts and switches.

  • Satellite Communications – World Wide Seamless Global Coverage
  • Battery Powered Operation with Two Year Battery life
  • Integral Vibration Sensor
  • GPS Location: Mapping of Mobile and Portable Assets
  • Grid Location Display: reverse geocoding to DLS, BC NTS, or Street Locations for Lat/Long
  • Web and Smartphone Access: View of site TAGS, Alarms, Trends, & Maps via Web
  • Smartphone Access: View site status via Smartphone Optimized Web Site
  • Email, SMS, Voice Notification
  • Easy SCADA Host Interface:
    SatSCADA Client allows easy secure interface to SAT110 Terminals via Modbus over TCP
  • Magnet-mount

Flexibility for Integration in SCADA Host or Use as Standalone Alarm Callout

Battery Powered System Enables Rapid Installation

The SAT110 with battery power allows rapid deployment for run / no run applications use integral vibration sensor on dry contact alarm inputs.


  • Global coverage on Inmarsat geosynchronous satellite network
  • Built-in battery with up to 2 years life for remote-powered applications
  • Low Power Operation: 100uA sleep current
  • Built-in GPS
  • Built-in 3-axis accelerometer for motion and vibration sensing
  • 3 Analog Input/Digital Input/Digital Output
  • SatSCADA Server provides Alarm Callout and datalink to remote devices
  • SatSCADA Client connects customer SCADA Host to SAT110
  • Alarm Callout: Modbus interface and alarming on exception
  • Environmentally Sealed: IP67
  • Hazardous Location: Class l Div 2

SAT110 GUI enables remote and local configuration


Inputs3 configurable integral I/O: AI / DI /DO, integral vibration sensor
Serial PortsOne RS232
Power9 – 32 VDC
Temperature-40 to 60 degrees C
Size17″ x 5.79″ x 0.98″
Terminationsvia SCADALink SAT110 Junction Box

Satellite Communications:

  • Satellite Service: Two-way, Inmarsat IsatData Pro
  • Coverage: Global
  • From-Mobile Message: 6,400 bytes
  • To-Mobile Message: 10,000 bytes
  • Typical Latency: 15 sec, 100 bytes
  • Elevation Angle: +20° to +90°
  • Frequency Rx:1525.0 to 1559.0 MHz, Tx:1626.5 to 1660.5 MHz
  • EIRP: 7.0 dBW


  • Acquisition: Time Warm: 1 sec; Cold: 27 sec
  • Sensitivity: 2.5m (Horizontal CEP)
  • Tracking: -159 dBm


  • Load Dump Protection: +150VDC
  • Power Consumption (@12VDC): Rx: 8.3mA, Rx with GPS: 40mA, Tx:0.75A, Sleep: 100uA
  • Batteries: -12 AA cells, lithium
  • Battery Chemistry: LiFeS2
  • Charging Current: 1.33A (@12VDC)
  • Charging Time: 4 hours (max.)
  • Temperature: -40 to 60 Deg C


  • Dust & Water Ingress: IP67
  • Mass: 1.3 Kg (including batteries)


  • Regulatory: CE, FCC, IC
  • Hazardous Location: Class l Div 2


SatSCADA Web Interface

Login or preview SatSCADA page and demo.

The SatSCADA Web Client application provides cost effective, easy to use monitoring to clients for standard monitoring industrial applications.

The SatSCADA Web Client provides user access via a Web Browser on Desktops, Laptops or Smartphones. more about SatSCADA Technology

Users Access Laptop and Smartphone  Well Testing Trend View

The Web Client provides Site View, Tag View, Trend and Map Views, and is auto-configured based on the SAT1xx Terminal Configurations.

SatSCADA Web Client Map View   SatSCADA Web Client Site View   SatSCADA Web Client Tag View   Alarmcallout Trend View





The SAT110 is a portable RTU / Alarm Dialer Unit featuring built-in battery, vibration sensor, I/O, magmount and C1D2 hazardous location certification. These features enable the SAT110 to be rapidly deployed in RUN / NO RUN status monitoring applications such as generator or compressors without additional sensor wiring. Additional 3 DI can connect to pressure, level, & temperature switches, or alarm contacts. Internal GPS gives operators information on current location of asset. In oil and gas applications, this feature is is useful for portable compressors, tanks, skids, and portable offices.

Oil and Gas / Pipeline

Portable Gas Compressors
  • Low / High pressure alarms
  • Tank level Alarms
  • Electronic Flow Measurement
  • Pipeline Block Valves
  • Observation Wells
  • Gas Detection

Oil and Gas Service

Portable Generator

Remote Site Security

 ATCO Trailer-Contanier-Filed Service
  • Remote Building
  • Container
  • Yard

Water Level Monitoring


Electrical Utilities and Power Generation


Agriculture / Ranching

livestock monitoring water system






SAT110 RTU Systems

The following SAT110 RTU packages are complete and ready to install systems. The SAT110 is a battery powered system and is available in 3 simple configurations.

ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
1SAT110SAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm CalloutA
2SAT110 - KIT1SAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm Callout and Termination BoardB
3SAT110 RTUSAT110 Battery Powered Satellite RTU/Alarm Callout with Junction BoxB, C


A. Item 1 used for the compressor and engine monitoring applications using internal vibration sensor.

B. Item 2,3 used for applications where up 3 alarm contacts (pressure switch, RUN, ALARM) are to be wired in. DC power can be connected to eliminate the need for battery replacement.

C. Item 3 includes an enclosure for Termination Board.



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