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SatSCADA Remote Monitoring of Pumping Operations

SatSCADA PumpMate is a flexible platform for real-time remote monitoring of water transfer operations providing operators, supervisors, and clients complete monitoring, alarming, trending, and reporting.

The PumpMate utilizes Wireless Satellite/Cellular technology to provide coverage in remote areas. A wireless sensor gateway allows wireless sensors to connect to the PumpMate panel allowing flexibility of sensor placement.

Water Transfer Monitoring

  • Inlet Pressure
  • Outlet Pressure
  • Outlet Temperature
  • Flow Rates
  • Daily, and Accumulated Flow
  • Tank and Pit Levels

SatSCADA Remote Monitoring of Pumping Operations

PumpMate Wireless Gateway

A SCADALink PumpMate consist of a SAT120 Satellite/Cellular Wireless Gateway installed at each Pump Skid. The PumpMate panel consists of the SAT120 Dual Mode Satelllite/Cellular RTU with Wireless Sensor Gateway which connects to Wireless Sensor Nodes.

more about SAT120

Sat120 Remote Monitoring - PumpMarte Wireless Gateway

Wireless Sensor Nodes

Wireless Sensor Nodes are used to connect to Pressure, Temperature, Flow, and Level Transmitters in pump system monitoring.  Wireless Sensors eliminate the need for cable connections which are subject to  damage in the field. Wireless Sensors can be located up to 1/4 mile (500 m) from the Wireless Gateway. Wireless sensors nodes can connect to 4-20ma, discrete inputs, Modbus, and pulse transmitters.

Wireless sensors provide the flexibility of adding monitoring points.

 Wireless Sensor Node and Pressure Transmitter           Wireless Sensor Node and Flow Computer

SatSCADA Web Client

Web Browser and Smartphone User Interface

SatSCADA provides a responsive user interface that works on Web Browsers and Smartphones.

The user interface includes system summary, site view, trend views,  alarm view, and map views providing the user complete real time view of the water transfer operation.

Web Client - Web Browser and Smartphone User Interface

SatSCADA Web Interface

The SatSCADA Web interfaces includes screens for Login, System View, Site View, Map View, Trend, and Alarm Views.

SatSCADA Web Client - Login     SatSCADA Web Client - Devices View     SatSCADA Web Client - Tag View     SatSCADA Web Client - Map View     SatSCADA Web Client - TrendView     SatSCADA Web Client - Alarm Summary

Alarms Callout via SMS and Email.

On Alarm Conditions, the SatSCADA host callouts to call out list via SMS & Email.

SatSCADA Server - Alarmcallout via Email


SCADALink SAT120 Master RTU    SAT120-PumpMate Pannel






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