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SCADALink SAT120 Wireless Sensor Gateway

The SCADALink SAT120 combined with a SignalFire Wireless Sensor Networks provides a rapidly deployed industrial monitoring solution that can operate anywhere in the world. The combination of global Satellite/Cellular communications with Wireless Sensor Networks enables cost effective industrial remote monitoring.

SAT120 Wireless Sensor Gateway


 Wireless Sensor Networks

SAT120 Wireless Gateway Solution


Wireless Sensors are an alternative to hard wiring due to:

  • Impracticality of Hardwire Installations
  • High Cost of Wiring/Conduit Installations
  • Portability Requirement

The SAT120 Wireless Gateway Solution

The SAT120 Wireless Gateway provides simple yet powerful Wireless Monitoring, Alarm Callout & Data Acquisition.  The SCADALink SAT120 integrates with the the SignalFire Wireless Sensor Network to provide an compact low power integrated wireless sensing solution.  Each SAT120 Wireless Gateway equipped with  SignalFire Wireless Gateway can connect to up to 240 Sentinel Wireless Sensor nodes.  With low power operation, the SAT120 wireless Gateway can be solar powered.

Wireless Sensors Communicating to Wireless Gateway

Wireless sensor nodes can communicate to Wireless Gateway and ranges up to 1/4 mile range eliminating troublesome hard wire connections. Even cable runs of50 feet may be difficult due to trenching requirements.


SAT120 connect wireless sensor nodes-site1


Wireless Sensor Clusters Communicating to Wireless Gateway

Where additional sensors are required and are within the range of the Wireless Gateway (up to 1/4 mile),  additonal cluster  of sensors nodes can be installed and communicate to the Wireless Gateway directly.  In this case only wireless sensors need to installed for the additional site to be monitored.

SAT120 connect wireless sensor nodes-site2


Wireless Sensors Communicating via Repeater

Where Wireless Sensors are out of range of the Wireless Gateway,  a Wireless Repeater can be installed to extend the range.  The range of the Wireless Gateway to Repeater can be up to 3 miles.

SAT120 connect wireless sensor nodes-repeater


Wireless Flexibility

With the Wireless Range of the SignalFire Network of 1/4 to  3 mile , a single SAT120 Wireless Gateway can be used to monitor  multiple field sites by adding an additional wireless sensors nodes.  Alternatively in areas with challenging terrain, the SAT120 Gateway can be installed at location with optimum cellular/satellite communication  while the sensor nodes placed at the measurement points. For applications that are temporary such as well testing or offset well monitoring, wireless nodes eliminate safety concerns from loose cabling, and from hazardous area wiring requirements.

Wireless Wellhead Sensors

SignalFire Sentinel Wireless Sensor Options

SAT120 integrates the SignalFire Wireless Sensor Network to provide an integrated wireless sensing solution. The SignalFire Wireless Sensors Networks consist of a single Gateway and multiple Sensor Nodes.  Models of Battery and Solar Powered Wireless Nodes support Instrumentation inputs including:

  • 4-20ma / 1-5 VDC
  • Modbus Instruments/Devices
  • Hart Instruments
  • Dry Contact Inputs
  • Pulse Inputs

signalfire sensor node01


PT – Inlet/Outlet Pressure

FT – Outlet Flow

TT – Outlet Temperature

  Wireless Sensor - PressureWireless Sensor - Flow TransmittersWireless Sensor - Temperature



Pressure Sensors:

  • Casing
  • Tubing
  • Pipeline Pressures

Gas Well - Pipeline

Temperature Sensors:

  • Differential Pressure
  • Flow Level
  • Tank Levels
  • Pulse Counts

** Keep Picture Below – Tank Level

Wireless Sensor - Waterlevel


  • Oil and Gas
    • Offset Well Monitoring
    • Tank Battery Monitoring
    • Multi-well Pad
  • Pipeline
  • Mining
  • Water Systems
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Manufacturing
  • Security