Stratos SDT 5000: Satellite Communications for Industrial Applications

NOTE: This product is no longer available for new purchases … See SAT1xx Terminals …

The SDT 5000 is an integrated, lightweight, highly ruggedized satellite data transceiver (SDT). It is highly configurable, with a user-friendly interface. The SDT 5000 is designed to provide full duplex data communications between remote field equipment and a centralized computer host. It is compatible with the MDS X.25 Packet Switched Data Network on the MSAT Satellite. The SDT 5000’s reliability, robustness and flexibility, combined with the MDS coverage, make it an excellent solution for remote data communication links. The unit can operate unattended and self-contained in remote locations using solar cells and rechargeable batteries.

Typical applications include:

  • Remote asset management for oil and gas industries
  • Transmission of SCADA telemetry for utilities
  • Water management
  • Remote weather data collection
  • Environment monitoring
  • Use as a transportable data terminal
  • Machine to Machine (M2M) communications



Features & Specs

  • The SDT 5000 feature set includes the following:
  • Multiple interface protocols: Transparent, Narrowband Protocol, AT command and PPP
  • 9-wire RS232 RTU port, 3-wire RS232 test port
  • 2 DI, 1 low side output, 1 high side output, 1 AI and one power enable (ignition) line
  • Satellite synchronized clock allows for convenient scheduling of transmissions
  • Local or remote configuration of communication parameters
  • Exceptionally low power consumption while receiving
  • A highly ruggedized all in one modem, provided in a weatherproof enclosure
  • Low latency satellite base data communications over the MSAT Packet Data Service






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