The ViaSat 2200 Series Satellite Terminals are L-Band Satellite Terminals designed for Portable & Mobile Applications. Rugged, compact size,  low power operation and IP connectivity via Ethernet, and WiFi enabled the ViaSat terminals to provide remote connectivity in critical industrial applications where high-speed IP connectivity is required. The ViaSat 2200 terminals include the FF2225 Fixed Site Terminal and MT2220 Auto Pointing Terminal.


M2M Fixed Pointing Terminal – FT2225M2M Fixed Pointing Terminal – AT2220Auto Pointing Terminal – MT2220


The FT2225 is a cost-effective fixed pointing terminal that can be used for SCADA & M2M Applications. The MT2200 is an Auto Pointing Terminal that can be used  oil field service application requiring  mobile IP connectivity.

Redundant or Backup Communications 

ViaSat 2200 Series Modem can be used as Redundant or  Backup Communications for Critical Industrial IP Networks. Auto Pointing or Wide Beam Pattery of Fixed Terminal ensures resilensency. Modems can be used in diseater recovery.

Wired Ethernet Connection

Connect directly to PLC,RTU, or to Ethernet Switch, or Router.

WiFi Access Point

The WiFi Access Point Mode allows wireless links from WiFi Clients.

Auto Pointing

Electronic Steered Antenna enable rapid deploy operation without pointing on in motion operation on vehicles.




Auto Pointing Terminal – MT2220

The MT2220 Auto Point Terminal is an IP-based L-band mobile satellite terminal.

  • Integrated transceiver and antenna
  • Lightweight: Less than 4lbs
  • Smallest EXPLORER COTM terminal: 9.8×5.9×2.4in (LxWxH) 10-30VDC power input suited vehicle installs
  • Works at speeds up to 125 miles per hour
  • Data speeds up to 1 mbps download and 10 kbps upload IP-66 rating – dust and spray proof in all directions
  • Ethernet via Chogori multi-pin connector
  • Wireless connectivity with 802.11 B/G
  • Roof mountable with optional magnetic mounts


Aviation Terminal – AT2220

The Aviation Terminal 2220 is one of the smallest and lightest full-duplex aviation terminals on the market. The single line replaceable unit combines an antenna, RF front-end, and modem into one assembly. This makes installation easy, eliminating expensive RF cables, and reducing installation time and complexity.

  • Dual-channel receive, single-channel transmit
  • Two-way send/receive connectivity
  • Built-in helicopter rotor blockage mitigation
  • Low-latency for real-time monitoring
  • Packet-switched, IP-based networking for low-cost broadcast, multicast, and unicast messages
  • Extends smartphone voice, email, and text service through Wi-Fi
  • Netted voice


M2M Fixed Pointing Terminal – FT2225

The ViaSat High-Performance M2M Terminal FT2225 supports a broad range of applications including SCADA, warning systems, point of sales, monitoring oil, water or gas flow through pipelines, and more. The terminal includes embedded, beyond-line-of-sight voice connectivity, enabling direct communications between remote locations and with control nodes.

  • IP-based networking
  • Two-way send/receive connectivity
  • Low-latency for instant message transfer and real-time monitoring with no delays
  • High reliability–even in harsh weather conditions