VSAT Satellite SCADA Communications

VSAT Satellite SCADA Communications are required in applications IP / Ethernet based SCADA communications where there are no other economical terrestrial-based alternatives. Ethernet communications allows connectivity of IP based  PLC/RTU/EFM/HMI equipment at remote sites.  Ethernet connectivity and its attendant bandwidth allows remote device configuration and maintenance when required. Remote sites with video surveillance requirements can be supported with high speed VSAT service.

VSAT Service Options for SCADA Traffic

  • Low speed VSAT service for SCADA only traffic can be provided with low bandwidth  32 kB – 64 kBs.
  • High speed VSAT service (500kbs – 1.5 Mbps).
  • Private or Public IP Options
  • dedicated or shared bandwidth

VSAT Equipment

  • VSAT Communication equipment includes ODU (Outdoor Unit – Dish) and IDU (Indoor Unit – Modem)
  • The VSAT ODU dish sizes can range for 0.75 m to 1.8 m in diameter. Dish size required depends on the operation area.
  • ODU may include a cover and/or heater for areas with icing and rain fade concerns.

VSAT Installation Requirements

VSAT systems can be DC or AC powered depending on the IDU. Power draws for VSAT systems range 10 to 100W and are significantly higher than power draws for radio-modem, cellular, and low speed satellite modems; so sites with solar power systems would need to be sized accordingly. The VSAT ODU can be mounted on pile or post mounts, side of building post, or on non-penetrating roof mounts.

VSAT Satellite Dish