There are instances in a SR900 System Implemention where some or all of SR900R nodes communication are obstructed by terrain such as shown in Figure 1.  In this case a Repeater Architecture can be implemented to overcome the obstruction.  Figure 2 shows details on how to implement a SR900 Repeater Configuration.

Figure 1 – SR900 Implementation with Repeater


Figure 2 SR900 Repeater System Architectures

Note that the Repeater is implemented by connecting back to back SR-900R and SR-900T as shown.   Refer to detailed Repeater Site Wiring (2) as follows. The example shows a high level shutdown system implemented with Repeater as shown.

1 Master Tank Battery Wiring

The High-Level Switch (LSH)  is wired into the Discrete Input IN1 of the SR900T at the Tank Battery Site as the shutdown signal. Note the LSH is wired as normally closed. High level, wire disconnection would initiate a shutdown at remote site.


2 Repeater Site Wiring

The LINK and Discrete 1 Output from the SR900R are wired in series to drive auxiliary relay R1  as well as the input to the Repeater SR900T.

Relay R1-1  NO Contacts can be used for pump enable at this site.

3 Slave Site Wiring

The LINK and Discrete 1 Output are wired in series to drive R1. R1-1 auxiliary contacts (NO) can be used for pump enable.

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