Modular I/O Telemetry System that provides I/O Replication of AI and Digital over RS232 or RS845 connectivity.

Modular Up to 8 AI Modules; supporting up to 64 DI/DO, 32 AI/AO.


Easy setup for I/O Telemetry.

System has Cconfigurable Update Rates and can be setup of Fail Safe Operation.




I/O Telemetry is used to bring I/O from remote sites for process,  alarms system to connect to hardwired, PLC, RTU or DCS Systems. Replace wiring.
Shutdown Systems


Wireless Networks


Unlicensed Radio


MDS Transnet,  INET2


Licensed SD4


Cellular Modems



** Wired


RS485, and Rs232

Wireline and Fiber Optic Modems with RS232 or RS485 Interface

LAN/WAN using Terminal Servers




*** Examples


Broadcast Shutdown


I/O Telemetry






Up to 8 Modules