• Wireless I/O ModulesExpands the I/O capabilities of the RIO900, IO900, IP100 and DC100. Up to 8 expansion modules can be attached with variations of: AI4, A04, DI8, DO8, A8D4.


SCADALink I/O Expansion Modules

The SCADALink I/O Modules are used to provide I/O capabilities of the RIO900, RIO100IO900, IP100 and the DC100 by connecting to the I/O bus. Up to 10 expansion modules can be attached. There are 6 types of expansion modules:

Dimensions of each module: W 0.88″ x D 3.89″ x H 4.45″

Expansion Modules
ItemPart No.DescriptionNote
4 Analog Inputs (4-20mA).
24VDC Loop Power from 10-30 VDC Input Supply.
4 Analog Outputs (4-20mA).
24VDC Loop Power from 10-30 VDC Input Supply.
8 Digital Inputs.
8 Digital Outputs (Relays).
1 Analog Input (4-20ma) / 1 Analog Output (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Inputs / 2 Digital Outputs.
ESD Modules
1 Analog Input (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Inputs.
24VDC Loop Power from 10-30 VDC Input Supply.
Obsolete, Refer to COMBO-IO
1 Analog Output (4-20ma) / 2 Digital Outputs.
24VDC Loop Power from 10-30 VDC Input Supply.
Obsolete, Refer to COMBO-IO
2 Digital Inputs.Obsolete, Refer to DI8
Digital Outputs (Dry Contact).Obsolete, Refer to DO8

SCADALink I/O Expansion

Bentek Systems’ I/O Modules can be attached to the RIO100, RIO900, the IO900, the IP100 or the DC100 via the I/O bus as shown:

The following figure shows two I/O expansion modules, the AI4 and the DO8, connected to the RIO900:



Modular Remote I/O

Combined with SCADALink Remote I/O Controllers or Gateways the SCADALink I/O provides DIN Rail Mounted, Class I Div 2 Rated Remote I/O that can be used many industrial applications.

The modularity of the SCADALink I/O allows for flexibility and compactness in size. The I/O Modules are connected by the integral bus; there is need for and no limitation of an I/O rack size.

Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus via TCP, Modbus UDP Protocols 

Remote I/O can be addressed via Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Modbus via TCP and Modbus UDP Protocols when used with the SCADALink IP100 &  DC100 with connection via RS232, RS485 and Ethernet.

I/O Expansion modules can be addressed via Modbus RTU Protocol  when used with the SCADALink RIO900 & RIO100.

24VDC Controlled Loop Power

The AI4, AO4, and COMBO-I/O  modules have an integral controlled DC to DC converter that provides 24VDC Loop Power for instruments. This can be useful for mobile  or solar powered applications where supply voltage is 12VDC.

The AI4 and COMBO-I/O can be configured for Controlled Loop Power operation that allows for significant power savings for low power applications. Loop Power can be configured to turned on only when RIO900 is POLLED, or on INTERVAL

Isolated Analog I/O

SCADALink Analog I/O Modules are isolated allowing use in connecting Instrumentation that may not be connected to a common ground.

Class I Div 2 Certification

SCADALink I/O modules are certified for Class I Div 2 Operation allowing use in industrial applications that require hazardous area certification.


Wiring Diagrams

Analog Input/Output Wiring

AI4—Expansion Analog Input Module

AO4—Expansion Analog Output Module

Discrete Input/Output Wiring

DI8—Expansion Discrete Input Module

DO8—Expansion Discrete Output Module



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