The purpose of the document is to define the scope of installation work to be performed by Alpha Energy for XRI Blue’s Buchanan Midland Systems.

Site Locations

XRI Blue – Buchanan Ranch
10.7 miles SE of Midland, Texas on Hwg 158 ( Toward Garden City)


Location Map and Coordinates

Site NameLatitudeLongitudeGoogle Maps Link

Google Map Link

1160 (Pump 4)31.8538889-101.9838889

Google Map Link

Meissner (Pump 2)31.902111-101.877361

Google Map Link

Buchanan (Pump 1)31.9431333-101.9160333Google Map Link
T Pump31.8525-101.8658333

Google Map Link

Floyd Pits (Pump 8)31.8677778-101.8180556

Google Map Link

Puentes (Pump 7)31.8652778-102.0844444

Google Map Link

Sooner (Pump 6)31.8472222-102.0527778

Google Map Link

BR (Pump 5)31.8297222 -102.0205556

Google Map Link

Boomer (Pump 3)31.8677778-101.9161111

Google Map Link


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Scope of Work


Pump Site Viewing Front of MCC – before Building Installation

Currently all Pumps Site have or will have buildings housing the MCC.

Pump Site View – View from Back  of MCC

Currently at Buchanan & Meisner Sites; Control Panel is mounted on back of MCC on Strut. At these sites the control panel is to moved to inside building wall to right of entrance.

Typical Pump Building (this Meisner)

Walk in facing MCC. All Pumps have the same buildings.

There are no lights in buildings, so need to bring generator and work lights.


View as you enter door of MCC Building.  Want to mount Control Panel on Right Wall on Unistrut Frame.  Control Panel Size is. Door Swings.  Run 3 1″ Conduits from MCC to this Control Panel. Conduits go up across and down.

Existing Site Flexible Conduit

This is Meisner. Replace 3 flexible conduit with 3 x 1″ Right Conduit.

MCC Control Wring Terminal Blocks

Located at Top Right Side of MCC Enclosures.   Control wire terminations to here and on door.

MCC/VFD Control Wiring Bundle Fix

Existing Control Wiring in MCC/VFD is held by adhesive sticky back falling off and wire comes close to high voltage wiring.  Change this wiring in all MCC/VFD  so it is mounted securely to backplate by screws cable restraints.

Instrumentation Wiring

Control Panels have M12 quick connectors on bottom of panel. Run All Cables (Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Vibration, and Flow) that will be used.  M12 quick connect cables provided.  M12 Cables can be run in cable tray or supported by unistrut. Connect Cables (Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Vibration, and Flow)









  • Conduit/Fittings
  • Wiring


  • Generator / Work Lights




PumpMate Screens