This document describes SatSCADA Remote Monitoring Solutions for Livestock Water Supply Systems. SatSCADA are modular flexible systems that can be expanded from simple level alarm monitoring, historical trending to remote pump control.


Livestock Ranches have a requirement for monitoring and control of their  water supply. Most importantly they need to be notified of water supply alarms, and specifically low water level in water troughs.  Alarm notification can be via SMS, Email, or Voice.

Livestock ranches can be very spread out and have limited to no degree of wired or cellular communication. Remote monitoring solutions thus have to  be wireless technologies and including:

  • Wireless Radio
  • Cellular
  • Satellite

Remote monitoring requirement for cattle ranches can also include historical trending, and remote in addition to alarm notification.

The equipment may be solar powered, AC powered, or battery powered.

Systems Architectures

Architecture A – SAT1xx RTU at Water Tank Sites

In this system configuration, a SAT1xx RTU with satellite or cellular is installed at each site. Each SAT1xx RTU connect directly to the SatSCADA cloud based monitoring platform which provides Alarm Notification and Web Based User Access.

SAT1xx RTU used can range from a simple SAT110 battery powered RTU to Solar Powered SAT120 Dual Mode Sat/Cell RTU as shown.

This architecture is used in applications where water tank/through sites are widely dispersed, or terrain does not allow implementation of radio based connectivity.

Livestock-SAT1xx RTU at Water Tank Sites


Architecture B – SAT1xx RTU & Wireless Sensor Nodes

In this system configuration, wireless Sensor Nodes/RTU communicate to a central SatSCADA RTU with Wireless Gateway, which in turn connects SatSCADA cloud based monitoring platform which provides Alarm Notification and Web Based User Access.

This configuration is useful where a ranching operation has clusters of tanks are located from a central office or central tank. The use of Wireless Sensor Links can provide reduced satellite or cellular airtime costs.  Radio links can be 1 to 4 miles line of site. The Wireless Radio network distance can be extended using Repeaters.

Wireless Sensor Nodes are battery powered allowing low cost and rapid deployment to remote sites, one a Wireless Gateway is established.


Livestock- SAT1xx RTU & Wireless Sensor Nodes


Cloud Based User Access more…

SatSCADA’s cloud Based SatSCADA platform provides Web based access for by user, allowing the user web based access via desktop, laptop, tablets, or smartphones.

Alarm Notification is from the SatSCADA Monitoring Server.
SatSCADA Web Client- Trend View Example Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Map View  Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Tag View  Web Client Device Example



RTUs & Sensor Nodes

SAT1xxx  RTU

The SAT1xx  RTU connect to sensors via direct I/O connection; via I/O Expansion Modules; Serial Connectivity to PLC, RTU;  or by Wireless Gateways to Wireless Sensor Nodes /RTU.

Wireless Sensor / RTU Nodes

Wireless Sensors & RTU Nodes connected to SAT1xx RTU via 900 Mhz Unlicensed Based Wireless Gateway. Wireless Sensors are typically battery powered.

For remote sites requiring remote pump control, Wireless RTU Nodes can provide remote control signals.



Equipment Gallery


SAT100 Node (Satellite Based)

SAT110 RTU Kit (Battery Powered)

SAT120 Node (Dual Mode Sat/Cell)

SAT130 Node (Sat/Cell/Wifi)

 SAT100-Solar-RTUSAT110&JunctionBoxSAT120 - SOLAR RTU SAT130 RTU

SAT1xx RTU & Wireless Sensor Nodes

SAT1xx Solar Powered Wireless Gateway Hub

Solar Powered Wireless Modbus Repeater

Wireless Sensors Node – Battery Powered

Sensor Options

MODBUS Solar Powerd Repeater Sensor-JB-Quick ConnectWireless Sensor and Float Switch


Wireless Sensor and Level Troll













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