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SatSCADA for Satellite Tower Light Monitoring


SatSCADA Satellite Tower Light Monitoring is a cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes the management of tower sites used in critical operations, such as public safety, telecommunications, oil and gas, and electric utilities. With SatSCADA at its core, this advanced system ensures uninterrupted performance and maximum uptime.

In situations where utilizing the existing communications network for monitoring and control is not feasible, SatSCADA Satellite Tower Light Monitoring steps in as the ultimate solution. Powered by the innovative SatSCADA SAT100 RTU, this powerful technology operates on low power and leverages satellite-based communication, enabling seamless connectivity even in areas where terrestrial communication means like cellular, radio, or lease lines are unavailable.

Experience the exceptional capabilities of SatSCADA Satellite Tower Light Monitoring as it empowers you with efficient and reliable management of your tower site. With SatSCADA’s cutting-edge features and robust performance, you can rest assured knowing your tower site is monitored and optimized for peak operational efficiency.   More about SatSCADA…

The SAT100 RTU features 4 I/O, RS232 & RS485 serial ports, and Inmarsat based global satellite communications.

SAT100 RTU Tower monitoring



  • AC Power Status
  • Backup Battery Voltage
  • Tower Light Monitoring
  • Security items such as doors, contact closures
  • Building Temperature
  • RF Parameters


  • Equipment Reset
  • Turn on Equipment (i.e. Heaters, Beacons, Other Equipment)

SAT100 Features

Satellite Communications

Global Inmarsat based geo-satellite ensures real time communication at any time at locations where there is no alternative terrestrial means. With SatSCADA there is no outage periods where communications is not available.

RS232 & RS485 Communications

  • Remote RS232 & RS485 Serial Communications to Interface to Equipment.
  • Connectivity to Equipment Monitoring Subsystems or to additional I/O.

Low Power Operation

  • SAT100 RTU Terminals  features low power operation allowing operation.
  • SAT100 can also be separately solar powered.

SAT100 systems operate in low power (< 0.3 W – 20 ma at 12 V) and ultra low power (< 0.012 Wat – 1 ma at 12VDC) modes.

SatSCADA Server Support

  • Secure 24/7 Cloud Based Monitoring
  • Multi-user access
  • Site Alarm Notification via SMS/Email
  • Web based Site Monitoring from Laptops,Computers, Tablet & Smartphones.
  • Trending of site variables (Site voltage, temperature, site parameters).
  • Integration of SatSCADA to third party SCADA Systems via Modbus or CSV Exports.



SatSCADA/SAT100 RTU provides a flexible expandable monitoring solution that can expand from a simple single site system monitoring small number of I/O points – (i.e.  power status & security) to larger scale site monitoring networks.



  SAT1XX Termination Board for SAT100





How Can SAT100 be used to Monitor Site Voltage?

The SAT100 has internal voltage monitoring. If you power the SAT100 from the same voltage source as the site equipment, the site voltage can be monitored (10 – 30 VDC operation range).

Can the SAT100 be used to Monitor Intrusion?

The SAT100 has inputs that can be configured in digital input mode. Connect a proximity switch input (NO/NC) to this input and set the input alarm state and  alarm delay time appropriately.

Can the SAT100 be used to Reset Remote Equipment?

The SAT100 as digital outputs that can be configured in PULSE output mode. These outputs can be connected a relay with NO/NC contacts. If you power your equipment that you would like to reset via power connected through the NC contact of this relay, a PULSE command from the GUI (output timing can be configured) will reset your equipment. The SAT100 operated this mode does not draw any additional power since the relay is normally de-energized.



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