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    SCADALink SchematicProEnterprise software for documenting measurement schematics for upstream exploration and production companies


SCADALink SchematicPro: Measurement Schematic Archival Software

SCADALink SchematicPro is an enterprise software suite for documenting metering schematics for upstream exploration and production companies.


SchematicPro provides both Excel and Visio-like schematic views, allowing the users to choose the most effective method to capture and view the metering schematic data.

The easy-to-use graphical interface allows users to create schematics quickly by dragging-and-dropping objects onto the viewport.


Directive 017

SchematicPro is designed to meet the requirements of EPAP and Directive 17 to maintain measurement schematics



Based on a secure and scalable Client / Server architecture, SchematicPro enables scalability from standalones to enterprise operations.Collaboration between Production Accounting, Operations, and Engineering is made simplier with multiple clients viewing and working through a centralized database.



  • Graphical User Interface: Easy-to-use Visio-like drawing package
  • Database Support: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL
  • Multi-User: Client / Server architecture with row-level locking to allow multiple users to add and modify data simultaneously
  • Audit Trail: Full audit capabilities for all changes to the diagram as well as the associated data settings
  • SCADA and Field Data Capture system integration
  • Directive 017 Compliance
  • Security
    • Integrates with Active Directory for simple security implementation
    • Administrators define the hierarchies, which are date effective
    • The number of levels are definable
  • Reports: All data pages can be exported to MS Excel
  • Flexible Data Sets
    • Table and column metadata are stored to allow an administrator to dynamically configure new tables and columns as required
    • Meta data includes display styles to standardize your data (styles include drop downs, calendar, edit mask, etc)
    • Default data sets including Wells, Batteries, Valves, Meters, Compressors and Facility





For companies that do not have the resources or the infrastructure to implement SchematicPro, Bentek Systems can assist in setting up and configuring SchematicPro.



Bentek Systems provides both basic and advanced training on the usage of SchematicPro.



Consultation service provided by Bentek Systems help customers find the most efficient and robust method of integrating SchematicPro.



Bentek Systems provides maintenance for SchematicPro servers, or assist in adding or modifying existing schematics.



Bentek Systems gathers, reviews, and analyzes schematics to help summarize existing architecture of the system, document and identify problematic areas.