More and more frequently Cellular based Modems and device are used for data connectivity to SCADA systems. This stemmed from the increasing  pervasiveness of cellular connectivity, rapidly increased speeds and reduction in costs and rapid technology changes.

Over the years I have been been involved in the engineering, deployment,  maintenance, troubleshooting of systems with cellular connectivity. I have seen the benefits or and also the problems with associated with cellluar based conectivity. This article is to share some observations.

Cellular Connectivity Problems Include:

  • Network Technology Changes
  • Network Changes
  • Cellular Repeater Systems
  • Network Congestions
  • Terrain and Foilage Effects
  • Data Overage
  • Attacks and Hacking Uses
  • System Complexity
  • Poor Product Quality


  • Managed Services
  • Redundancy
  • Use of Appliances
  • Standardization
  • Engine