Bentek Systems offers SCADA Hosting for Enterprise SCADA and Industrial IoT application.

With over 20 years of experience and expertise in SCADA systems and industrial applications, our clients can be confident in our Hosted SCADA Solutions. Bentek Systems has a range of SCADA host software that provides local plant site monitoring to enterprise-wide SCADA Systems for the Oil & Gas, Water and Environment Industry.

We provide both a Enterprise Client-Server SCADA Hosting which enables clients to login securely to monitor their remote sites by viewing data through Monitoring, Alarming, Historical Trending & Reporting graphical screens.

Employing a wide variety of device drivers to enable communication to a diverse range of industrial equipment, our Hosted SCADA solutions collects remote data and stores the information onto a centralized server, allowing users to access the data anywhere. Our SCADA Hosting not only allows Real-time Monitoring and Control, it also provides powerful features such as Alarm Callouts.

Our SCADA Hosting service allows you focus on your core business objectives while reducing your operational and maintenance costs.

  • Cloud Hosted Server
  • No Setup & Maintenance-Free for Client
  • Client-Server architecture
  • Secure remote client login over web
  • Alarming
  • Sophisticated Trending and Reports

Our Enterprise Client/Server HMI and SCADA system provides:

  • Configuration and viewing over the Internet
  • Powerful historical trending features
  • Powerful alarm callout features such as call-lists and schedules
  • Callouts through voice or text-messaging
  • Unlimited I/O tags
  • Allows users to easily organize and replicate multi-RTU sites
  • Template and database oriented screen/point configuration

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Enterprise SCADA

For Users that require large scale enterprise SCADA or Enterprise SCADA features in a hosted SCADA model, Bentek Systems offers SCADALink Enterprise SCADA Hosting Services.

SCADALink Enterprise SCADA Cloud includes the following:

  • Monitoring and Control
  • Data Acquisition / Communication
  • Mimic Graphics
  • Advanced Trending
  • Alarm Management and Alarm Notification
  • Reporting
  • Data Verification and Archival

Data Acquisition

Gather data from PLC, RTU, and Flow computers worldwide with support for communications via radio, cellular, and satellite, and the internet.

Mimic Graphics

Mimic Graphics including P & ID and Map Views allow users easy visualization and control of monitored processes.

Mimic Graphics


Trend up to 10 Tags per Trend Group.  Users can create and save Trend Groups. Data can be acquired via real time or via data log imports.

Alarm Management

Callout via Email, & SMS.  Alarm history are stored.


Report Templates for Human and Machine Readable formats (CSV).

Data Verification and Archival Utilities  More..

Manage the gathering, validation, auditing, reporting, and dissemination of flow measurement data enterprise-wide with eFCAS  utilities that allows data gathering, data validation, and recalculation.

eFCAS - Program  small-efcas-screen-shot-2  eFCAS Map View


Cloud Based User Access more…

SCADALink SatSCADA’s Cloud Based SatSCADA Platform is the ideal solution for cost effective  and easy to use monitoring in Industrial IoT applications where there is a requirement to monitor a  small number of parameters at remote sites.  Web based user access via desktop, laptop, tablets, or smartphones make for convenient access by all users. Alarm Notification is from the SatSCADA Monitoring Server.


SatSCADA Web Client- Trend View Example Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Map View  Web Client - Remote Tank Monitoring - Tag View  Web Client Device Example


SatSCADA more…



SCADALink Cloud Hosted SCADA can be used in many industrial applications.  SCADALink SCADA Host Solutions have the advantage of  infrastructure and template minimize time and cost of system implementation.

Oil and Gas Production

  • Wellhead – Pumpjack,  Gas Wells
  • Water Injection
  • Water Disposal
  • Block Valves
  • Observation Wells
  • Compressors
  • Pump Stations


  • Compressors
  • Pump Stations
  • Block Valves
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Gate Stations
  • Pressure Reduction Stations

Oil and Gas Services

  • Well Testing
  • Water Transfer
  • Water Treatment
  • Fuel Replacement
  • Generators
  • Propane & Fuel Tanks
  • Chemical Tanks
  • Water Stations


  • Dewatering
  • Water Treatment
  • Tailings Ponds

Water and Waste

  • Reservoir and Tank Levels
  • Pump Stations
  • Water Treatment
  • Chlorination Stations


  • Remediation Operations
  • Groundwater Monitoring Wells
  • Dam Integrity Monitoring
  • Geotechnical


  • Vendor Managed Inventory