Solutions to Extending SCADA Communications to Remote Sites for Existing  Wireless Point to Multipoint Serial SCADA Networks

In large oil and gas production or pipeline operations there is frequently the need to add connectivity to new remote sites that have marginal connectivity from the existing wireless SCADA communications network.


Solutions for remote connectivity to these sites include:

            Satellite Communications

            Cellular Communications

            Tail End Repeater Systems using licensed or spread spectrum radio.


            Supernet or other Wireless Network Providers            


A challenge in extending SCADA communications using  different connectivity solutions is the integration into the existing SCADA systems infrastructure and associated security.


Use of Satellite, Cell networks require connect to foreign IP networks by the SCADA host with the associated security concerns. There would a be need for VPN or a private network implementation.


A mechanism for SCADA extension is virtual serial connectivity. Connectivity to SCADA system is serial at the SCADA host or extension at an intermediate RTU node as shown in following diagrams.


Cellular Modem for Extension

Satellite Network Extension


Since connectivity is serial there is no IP network security concerns preventing implementation.


*** Pictures


Difficult Communication


Cellular Modems for Communications Extension


IP100 Serial to Ethernet Gateway for Serial Extension