Municipal Water System – Tail End Data Extension & Wide Area SCADA

With a line of site range of over 20 miles, license free communications can be used for wide area SCADA communications either on a system wide basis or in conjunction with licensed radio systems. In one application a water district used license free SCADALink as tail-end extensions in a municipal SCADA communications systems which used 900 MHz licensed radio communications. The license free links are used to improve or enable coverage to sites obstructed by terrain and not within licensed RF coverage. License free links are used since it was not possible or difficult to get additional licensed frequencies for telemetry purposes in this dense urban environment. In another application, for a small municipal water system, use of SCADALink Radios allowed a complete water system SCADA to be wireless and license free. A central PLC in the water treatment plant controlled and monitored 6 well pump sites which were equipped with SCADALink Radios used as wireless RTUs. To reach remote sites outside of the 20-mile range of the Master 900-MB, two back-to-back 900-MB’s may be configured as a repeater to extend coverage.

Municipal Water control system