Pipeline SCADA Communications

The SCADALink IP100 integrating Modbus TCP Gateway, Serial Ethernet Gateway, and Modbus Multiplexer function in a single integrated device is ideal for pipeline automation systems where multiple masters must communicate to multiple slave devices. Pipeline companies can utilize the SCADALink IP100 to allow SCADA communications to PLC, RTU's, Flow Computers, and Gas Analyzers over IP communication networks. Modbus TCP Gateway Slave Mode The IP100 is a Modbus TCP Gateway which enables communications between Modbus TCP master devices and Modbus RTU slave devices or between Modbus RTU master devices and Modbus TCP slave devices (devices can include: SCADA Host PCs, PLC, RTUs, Gas Analyzers, flow computers, data loggers, VFD's, etc, ...). Configured in slave mode, the IP100 connects directly to Modbus RTU slave devices to enable communications to remote Modbus master TCP devices. IP100 translates serial modbus into TCP/IP Packets Modbus Master Mode Configured in master mode, an IP100 connects directly to legacy Modbus RTU master devices to enable communications to remote Modbus TCP slave devices. IP100 connects host pc to modbus network Serial Ethernet Gateway The IP100 supports Modbus TCP, TCP, and UDP protocols in both client and server modes. The IP100 serves as a 3 port Terminal server and in Virtual Serial mode provides a transparent logical serial connection over Ethernet and emulates a Nailed-up serial connection, giving protocol independent operation. In Slave mode the IP100 can allow shared multiplexed access to a serial port, for Master/Slave request response protocols such as Modbus. IP100 connects multiple Modbus rtu RTU to LAN/WAN Multiplexer The IP100 can also functions as a Modbus Multiplexer, allowing up 2 local Modbus Master serial ports, and 3 IP clients to share a Modbus Slave port. Using IP100 in Modbus Multiplexer Communications Flexibility The SCADALink IP100 has timing control features to enable IP communications over a range of media including satellite, radio, frame relay, ADSL, and fiber connection.