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The SCADALink 900MB  or RIO900 can be used to implement a cost effective and easily expandable Field Production SCADA monitoring and control system. For remote SCADA sites with a small number of I/O points, the RIO900 can be used as the RTU. Alternatively, for remote sites with larger I/O requirements, the RIO900 can be used to communicate with PLC’s or RTU’s. Bentek Systems provided the Screw pump monitoring/control solution below using the SCADALink 900MB for both PLC data communications and RTU functionality.

Pump Jack and Screw Pump teletemtry with multiple sites communicating with a host site


Screw pumps at site This SCADA system monitored and controlled 21 remote single/multi well sites controlling over 80 screw pumps. In this system, the SCADALink 900MB was used to enable an Allen Bradley PLC5/Prosoft Master to communicate with remote well sites situated within a 1.5 mile radius. Some remote sites had existing Allen Bradley PLC’s while other smaller sites had only a few I/O points with no PLC or RTU equipment installed. By using the SCADALink 900-MB as the standard communication controller, the smaller sites benefited by taking advantage of the 900-MB’s integrated I/O. No additional PLC or RTU equipment was required at these smaller sites. One point-multipoint network of 900-MB’s enabled the host PLC to communicate to the remote PLC’s via AB DF1 protocol. A second point-multipoint network of 900-MB’s to the smaller sites enabled the host PLC to poll the I/O directly (a Prosoft protocol converter card converted AB to Modbus). The 2 point-multipoint networks were isolated from each other by configuring different frequency codes on the respective 900-MB’s. Cost savings at the smaller sites was not achieved at the expense of flexibility, however. If in the future, more I/O is required, there are a number of options available. If a small number of additional analog I/O or a pulse counter input is required at the remote SCADA site, an SCADALink Analog I/O Expansion module can be easily connected to the existing 900-MB. If a large number of I/O must be added, then a PLC or RTU can be installed at the site and connected to the existing 900-MB’s RS-232 or RS-485 interface.