SCADALink Remote Water Level Monitoring and Control Solutions

Elevated tanks and reservoirs are used in water systems to gravity feed to distribution.  These tanks or reservoirs are filled by pumping systems which are controlled manually; or automatically by timers or tank level signals.

Where tank level signals are used, they can be connected from the tank to the pump controls by wire (dedicated or lease line) or wireless means (telemetry). Wireless telemetry systems are used when the tanks and the pumping system are far apart and wired connections are impractical or are not available.

Operators of water systems also require the ability to remotely monitor the water level and pumping systems.  This is typically performed through  SCADA in larger water systems or alarm callout systems in smaller water rural systems.

Bentek Systems SCADALink RIO900 and SatSCADA provides flexible solutions for Water Level Monitoring and Control as shown in the following diagram.

System Diagram

RIO900 for I/O Signal Telemetry (B)

The SCADALink RIO900 Systems are designed to provide Remote I/O Replication of Analog (4-20 ma) or Digital Signals. I/O Signal Replication using the RIO100 and RIO900  make it easy to interface to both hardwired or PLC  base pump control system. For Water Systems,  I/O Telemetry is used Connecting Tank Level Signals to Pump Control Systems. This I/O Telemetry allows standalone level control independent of the SCADA Communication Networks.

SCADA Systems can easily connect to a RIO900 I/O Telemetry Network via RS232  or RS485 Modbus on the RIO900 Interface, thus allowing connectivity to any of the RIO900 Nodes via Modbus Protocol.

Wireless RS485 Serial Connectivity to Pump Controllers

A SCADALink RIO900 based wireless network can be used with the SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular IoT Hub to provide Cloud based access to Pump String as shown below.

RIO900 System for I/O Replication

The RIO900 Systems can be used in Point to Point Mode for I/O Replication as shown below. I/O Replication may be Analog (4-20ma Level Transmitters) or Digital  (High-Level Flow, Low-Level Switches). While the typical the signal transmission requirement is unidirectional from the tank to the pump station,  RIO900 Systems allow bidirectional signal communications.


Satellite Based Tank Level Monitoring

RIO900 for Point to Multipoint I/O Telemetry Mode

The RIO900 System can operates in a Point to Point or Point to Multi-point Mode as shown below.  In point to multipoint example below,  a tank level signal can be transferred to multiple pump-stations, when multiple pump stations are used to supply the elevated tanks.

RIO900 Connectivity to  SCADA

SCADA Systems can easily connect to a RIO900 I/O Telemetry Network via RIO900’s RS232 or RS485 Interface as shown in the picture above. This allows connectivity to the RIO900 Network via Modbus Protocol as shown. Connection at any node enables to access to all  RIO900 nodes configured as Modbus RTU nodes or even to external RTU or PLC devices connected to RIO900 serial ports. The Modbus Master can be connected at any RIO900 of node.


SatSCADA Web Based Remote Monitoring (A)

SatSCADA Platform provides Web Based Monitoring and Alarm Notification.

The SatSCADA Platform consists of a Cloud Host connected to SAT1xx Satellite, Cellular or Dual Mode Sat/Cell Based Modem/RTU Terminals.

SatSCADA Terminals allowed connectivity worldwide. The SatSCADA Terminals can interface to Water Level and Pump station Signals via I/O Signals, Serial RS232/RS485, or Ethernet Connectivity (SAT130).

SatSCADA Terminal can connect to RIO900 I/O Telemetry Network via RIO900’s RS232 or RS485 Modbus.Interface, allowing monitoring of any signal, PLC, RTU  with connectivity to the RIO900 Network.

The Cloud Based SatSCADA Platform with worldwide connectivity provides simple and trouble access anywhere in the world.

SatSCADA Trend View

SatSCADA Platform provides easy to use features including Trending. Use of Trending Function can help Water Operator detect Leaks (A) and estimate water consumption (B).  SatSCADA provides time-stamped data (C)  which can be used to identify problems.


RIO900 and SatSCADA provide flexibility for Water System Monitoring and Control deployments large and small.  RIO900 and SatSCADA can be deployed together, separately, or in phases. The system can be expanded from point to point to point to multi-point systems easily.

Cost Effective

The flexibility of the RIO900 and SatSCADA allow fit for purpose system deployments.




The flexible SCADALink RIO900 and SatSCADA solutions are ideal for Water Systems applications including:

  • Rural Water Systems
  • Industrial Water Supply Systems
  • Livestock Water Systems
  • Small Water Systems

The SatSCADA/RIO900 is particular effective for small water systems deployments where there is no existing infrastructure and minimal maintenance and engineering staff.

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