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SAGD Remote Monitoring: Complete End-to-End Solutions

With over 7,000 oilfield installations, Bentek Systems has the proven monitoring experience for SAGD, CSS and other EOR processes. Bentek Systems provides complete SAGD remote monitoring solutions. Our solution includes:

●  RTU and Downhole Instrumentation Integration●  Remote Power Systems
●  SCADA Systems●  Gas Detection and Remote Alarm Beacon
●  Wireless Communications●  Instrumentation and Controls

Complete SAGD SCADA Solution
Figure 1: Complete SAGD Monitoring Solution Provided by Bentek Systems

Real-Time Monitoring gives SAGD and operators improved efficiency, safety and regulatory compliance. Whether you’re piloting new technology, optimizing production or minimizing environmental impact, Bentek Systems is your reliable source for real-time, on-site data gathering and reporting, providing complete SAGD solutions


From Pilot To Production

From Pilot To Production

At site or at head office, Bentek Systems gives you a complete picture of your SAGD process including observation and water wells. Bentek’s solutions are easy to scale-up and cost-effective from Pilot to Full Production.

Complete SAGD Remote Monitoring Solution
SAGD Remote Monitoring Solution Provided by Bentek Systems

SCADA & Visualization

SCADA & Visualization

Bentek Systems provides a powerful SCADA software, Oil Field Commander, that enables producers to View, Control, Alarm and Analyze.

SAGD SCADA Plot of Temperature vs. Depth

Our solution provides hosted or customer-owned systems with:

●  Mimic Graphics of Operation●  Trending and Reporting
●  Alarm Callouts●  Data Archival
●  XY Plots (Temp., Viscosity vs. Depth)

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Bentek Systems’ extensive experience in oilfield applications ensures cost-effective, reliable and quality service.

SAGD Remote Site 1   SAGD Pumpjacks with RTU   SAGD Remote Site 3   Experienced Oilfield Worker   On Site service

We provide a complete suite of services including:

●  System Design & Consultation●  Panel Fabrication
●  SCADA & RTU Programming●  Field Installation & Commissioning
●  SCADA Hosting●  Instrument Calibration


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