• Alarm Callout SystemsAlarm Callout Systems for applications including: Flow, Plunger Lift Control, Casing & Tubing Pressure, Water & Oil Production, Tank Level and more.


Bentek Systems designs and builds Alarm Callout systems for industrial applications. Each Alarm Callout system is customized with the customers' requirements in mind.

Having worked in the SCADA industry for over 20 years, we have vast experience in SCADA alarming and callouts. With our powerful, flexible and reliable alarm callout hardware and software-based products, we can build a complete system that matches your requirements. Our alarm callout solutions can provide:

  • Multiple alarm limits
  • Alarming via Voice, Email and/or SMS
  • Flexible call-lists and scheduling notification options

Features & Specs


  • Flow
  • Plunger Lift Control
  • Casing & Tubing Pressure
  • Water & Oil Production
  • Tank Level Monitoring