Water Disposal and Injection Well Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of Water Disposal and Injection is becoming increasingly important for the Oil and Gas Industry Worldwide.

High Pressure Water Injection Well with Remote ESD

Water Injection well monitoring

Water Disposal Well Monitoring

Water Injection well monitoring-Solution

SatSCADA for Water Injection Well Monitoring Systems Architecture

Water Injection well monitoring architecture-Solution



Real Time Monitoring assists in accurate and timely reporting of injection volumes as required by the local regulator (AER, BC OGC, SKOGC, BLM, TRC). Reservoir engineering and production operation require accurate injection volume and pressure reporting.

Leak Detection

Increasing in importance is Real Time monitoring for Leak Detection. This especially important as water injection pipelines age.

Real Time Flow Balance of Injection compared to Plant Header Outlet Volumes can be used to monitor for Pipeline Leaks.
Hourly and Daily Volume Balances can help spot smaller scale leaks.


Monitoring of Pipeline and Wellhead Pressure for low and high limits;  and large deviations can assist in detecting pipeline leaks.

Timely monitoring and response can mitigate the scale and duration of leaks, reducing remediation and liability costs.

ESD systems can be provided for automatic shutdown on over/under pressure or to enable remote initiated shutdown from the plant.

  Water Injection - Field Service



Water Disposal and Injection Well Monitoring Application


Flow Measurement for water injection is typically be achieved with Turbine, PD, Ultrasonic, Mag,  Coriolis, or  Vortex Meter technology. The choice of flow measurement may depend on composition of the water to be measured. Water with too many impurities may damage turbines and require non-contact meter technology such as ultrasonic and magmeters. Wellhead and Pipeline Pressures are monitored with Pressure Transmitters. dP transmitters are used to measure dP across a strainer.

Water Injection Well Site - Flow Analyzer   MC-III EXP Flow Analyzer

Remote Communication

Wireless communications alternatives for water injection monitoring include Licensed and Unlicensed Radio, Cellular, & Satellite to communicate to remote field sites.   For closely spaced injection well systems, wireless sensors systems can be utilized communicate to a central RTU or even the plant.

Satellite based communications for SatSCADA systems enable reliable communications in the most areas and permit rapid deployment.

More about SatSCADA Technology

SCADA & RTU Systems

Leak detection system and monitoring may be implemented with a centralized SCADA systems with RTU/Flow Meters systems at injection well sites.  Alternatively for smaller scale water injection systems, a local monitoring system may be implemented in the field with the local field RTU/PLC systems. Implementation of Water Injection monitoring with SatSCADA platform is simplified by pretested standardized SatSCADA Water Injection Monitoring Web Services.

Web Client Example  Web Client Device Example  Web Client Tag Example  Web Client Mapping Example


Well Testing Trend View

Reporting and Visualization

A key aspect of water injection monitoring in large water injection systems is a mimic display of current and historical flows and pressures as shown below. Smaller systems may  use simple tables.

Example - Site Map



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