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Variable Frequency Drive SCADA Communication

Use the SCADALink 900MB or RIO900 to implement a cost effective and license-free wide area point-multipoint SCADA communication system for monitoring remote VFD driven pump sites. Bentek Systems provided the point-multipoint SCADA solution below using the SCADALink 900MB.

VFD control using wireless SCADA

Bentek Systems provided the systems and detail design engineering of a wide area SCADA communications system for monitoring over 150 variable frequency drive (VFD) driven pumps. This system illustrates how the SCADALink 900MB or RIO900 can be used to implement a wide area license-free point-multipoint oil field SCADA communication system. The SCADA master computer communicated with 15 remote PAD sites using 900-MB’s. At each remote PAD, a network of multi-dropped VFD’s was connected to the 900-MB’s RS-485 interface, enabling Modbus communications between the SCADA host and each of the multi-dropped VFD’s. The 900-MB also provided an address translation scheme to allow up to 248 VFD’s to coexist on the same network. Because of the distance and location of some of the remote SCADA sites, two repeaters were required to improve the communications path. The repeaters were implemented using back-to-back 900MBs configured for different frequency hop codes for isolation.