Water Disposal High Level Shutdown System

The SCADALink 900MB  or RIO900 can be used a cost-effective way to achieve emergency shutdown of multiple remote sites without requiring an SCADA host. Bentek Systems provided the SCADA solution below using the SCADALink 900-MB.
Tank level shut down system
The SCADALink 900MB/radio modem was used for shutdown of Well Pumps and Water Disposal Transfer Pumps in event of water disposal tank high level. Remote pump shutdown is preferred to shutdown via solenoid valves/presco switches as high pressure may stress piping. The system was simply implemented by using the RIO900's LINK STATUS output to control the transfer and well pumps. During normal operation, the master radio is turned ON and the LINK STATUS output is asserted. Upon disposal tank high level, the master radio is turned OFF, causing the LINK output on all remote radios to become de-asserted, thereby disabling all production and transfer pumps. This configuration provided a cost-effective solution for the shutdown function, by not requiring the installation of an SCADA system, yet flexible enough to allow for an easy future upgrade to SCADA system to provide monitoring of remote sites.