Wireless Tank Gauging / Water Level Monitoring and Control

Satellite Remote Tank Level Monitoring

The SCADALink 900MB  or RIO900 can be configured to enable cost effective, license-free wireless tank gauging from a variety of level transmitters.

Tanks in field SCADALink Radio monitoring tank level


Modbus protocol compatible transmitter interfaces are available to retrofit level transmitters manufactured by:

  • Gauging System Inc.
  • Enraf
  • G&L Gauging
  • GPE, L&J Engineering
  • MTS
  • Saab
  • Varec

Transmitter interface allows existing transmitters to be converted to an industry standard Modbus protocol for easy interfacing with PLC, DCS, SCADA hosts and MIS systems. With both serial and I/O interfaces, the 900-MB can interface to analog and discrete level transmitters and switches as well as “smart level transmitters”. Wireless links can abe applied to each tank or a group of tanks.