Alarm Dialers and Alarm Callouts

Alarm dialers (also referred to as ARU, Voice Dialers, Alarm Callout Systems) are systems that dial out on alarm conditions to alert personnel via telephone, pager, fax, or email. Alarm conditions are monitored via direct I/O on the basic dialer units or via data communication to connected PLC/RTU’s on more sophisticated alarm dialer systems. Auto dialers will typically have dial-in capability so that users can interrogate the status or control outputs at the site.

Alarm dialers are used when only alarm notification is required, there are a small number of points to be monitored and the flexibility and cost of SCADA system is not justified. Alarm Dialer systems can be basic alarm dialer systems or may incorporate RTU and data logging functions. Bentek Systems offers the following types of alarm dialers: SCADALink SAT110, Barnett Auto-Dialers.

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