Cellular SCADA Network

Bentek System’s UNICON IP technology leverages the IP Packet data technology of the IDEN network to enable flexible IP-based SCADA and data communication.

What makes SCADA over Cellular an attractive option?

IP over the IDEN cellular network is an attractive SCADA technology because this combination takes advantage of:

UNICON IP technology can be used effectively by companies or institutions with multiple offices and cellular coverage to their remote assets. The Internet provides the means to network the multiple offices together while wireless Cellular technology provides the means to access the multiple remote assets. By exploiting the Cellular Providers infrastructure, the combination of Internet and Cellular gives such a company an effective, reliable, wide area SCADA system without having to incur the traditional high capital cost associated with erecting radio towers.

What Specific SCADA functions can be implemented with UNICON IP over the IDEN network?

UNICON IP technology can be used for SCADA communications over IDEN to reach:

  • All remote sites
  • To one hub site which can provide a first mile link (hub) to existing legacy SCADA Point-to-Multipoint radio systems. This enables an IP-enabled host residing on the Internet or a private intranet to communicate with legacy wireless SCADA systems.

The UNICON IP’s many features gives it great flexibility as an IP-enabled RTU. The combination of IP-enabled RTU, Modem and Alarm Dialer enables the following SCADA functions:

  • 24/7 “always on” monitoring due to Packet Data Kilobyte-transferred billing instead of Circuit Switched time billing.
  • The modem’s Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway function enables IP host to reach Serial devices at a remote site.
  • The modem’s Modbus Gateway function along with the Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway function allows the IP host to reach Modbus Serial devices at a remote site.
  • Modbus addressable I/O enables the IP host to poll I/O directly connected to UNICON IP at a remote site.
  • Multiple protocols broadens the range of equipment and their communication requirements supported at a remote site.
  • Configurable email alarms allow Email enabled Cell phone or IP host to receive emails when alarm conditions occur at remote site.

What are the initial steps required to getting a UNICON system up and running on the IDEN network?

After determining that coverage is available in your area, the Cellular provider provisions the UNICON IP with a static IP address. This IP address can be private or public depending on the particuliar Cellular Provider.

After that, the user simply needs to configure the unit to meet the specific requirements of each remote site. programming the RTU, Modem or Alarming features as required. After initial software configuration, all additional configuration can be done remotely via Telnet.