Multi-Access for FloBoss / ROCs

During maintenance or troubleshooting, operators might be required to access the Fisher ROC / FloBoss through ROCLink. However, doing so disrupts polling by the SCADA Host or Master Device.Having encountered the same problem, Bentek Systems has manufactured hardware to solve the access issue. We provide different solutions depending on your access type:Simultaneous Access via WAN

ROCLink Access with SCADA Host Through WAN
Multiplexed access via LAN/WAN can be achieved using the SCADALink IP100. The SCADALink IP100 allows simultaneous ROCLink and SCADA Host access to a serial SCADA communications channel.

The IP100 allows ROCLink access to specific ROC/Floboss RTU for maintenance and troubleshooting while maintaining SCADA polling. Note that the ROCLink and SCADA Host can be connected via either the LAN or serial connection and provides the multiplexing of the ROC Protocol to enable transparent operator access.


Serial Multiplexing

ROCLink Access with SCADA Host Through Serial
For multiplexed serial port access, the SCADALink SCADASwitch can be used. The SCADASwitch is a 2-port RS232 multiplexer that can enable simultaneous SCADA host and ROCLink access through a single serial port. The SCADASwitch can be used in the RTU panel or used upstream of the the master radiomodem.


By using Class I DIV 2, DIN-Rail SCADALink devices, operators can maintain and troubleshoot without the inconvenience of disassembling components.