SatAlarm Sentry provides Cost-effective Remote Flow Monitoring

A government water agency had a requirement for a low cost, easy to install monitoring solution for remote flow monitoring.

Bentek Systems provided a satellite-based monitoring solution using its SatAlarm Sentry. The SatAlarm Sentry with the optional SID Interface module measured pulses which were outputted from a flow meter, and periodically transmitted the data via its satellite network to a SatAlarm Monitoring Web site. From this site, the client could see daily and total accumulated volumes. Optionally, data can be sent to a clients SCADA or monitoring system.

The SatAlarm Flow Monitoring being satellite based ensures operability in the most remote locations.

This remote metering solution can be applied in many similar circumstances in oil and gas, water, environment monitoring, pipeline, and electric transmission applications.

Satalarm Sentry connectivity