SCADALink UniconSat Satellite Modem used in Pipeline Block Valve RTU System

A pipeline company had the requirement to monitor and control remote pipeline block valves. The block valves where located in extremely mountainous terrain that made satellite communications the only cost effective SCADA communications option.

Bentek System’s UNICON SAT Satellite Modems and UNICON SAT SatServer Software were used to provide the SCADA communications to the remote block valves sites.

The UNICON SAT Satellite Modems operate on the geosynchronous MSAT satellite network, providing an ‘always on connection’ to the remote sites ensuring rapid response times. In addition, the UNICON SAT Modems feature low power operation, for the remote solar power block valve sites.

In this project, Bentek Systems provided the remote block valve RTU packages including solar power, RTU, and UNICON SAT Satellite Modems; and the host site equipment that included the SatServer Software and MTU (NOTE: The UNICON SAT is no longer available. It is replaced by a combination of the SCADALink IP100 and SCADALink SAT100).


Unicon used in block valve system