Custom RS232 Serial Cables


Bentek Systems provide custom and off-the-shelf RS232 serial cables to connect SCADALink Data Communications Equipment to Industrial PLC, RTU and Data Communication equipments.

Industrial RS-232 Cables can be made for SCADALink Equipment or custom made to customer specifications. Pre-made & fully tested RS232 cables can save time and cost of cable fabrication in the field.

RS232 Connector Types

RS232 Cables available include:

  1. Cables with DB9 to Terminal Block Connectors
  2. Cables with Soldered DB9/DB25 Connections
  3. Standard Molded Rs232 Cables
  4. RJ45 Terminated RS232 Cables

Straight through RS232 Cables are used to connect DCE (Modem) to DTE Devices (RTU, PLC, HMI) whereas Null Modems Cabling is used to connect from DTE to DTE, or DCE to DCE device.

A. RS232 Cables with DB9 Terminal Block Connections

RS232 Cables with DB9 connectors and terminal block connections are ideal for industrial applications where equipment connection at one end require a flying lead connection, or where longer or variable cable lengths are required. These cables can be easily cut to length in the field and run thru cableway or conduit. These type of cables connections can be easily changed in the field if required.


DB9 to Terminal Blocks Connectors can be used to make RS232 serial cables in the field. The DB9 Terminal Block Connectors allow RS232 connectivity without soldering or Push Pin Tools which are inconvenient if field applications. Wiring Details.

DB9-Male Terminal Block ConnectorDB9 Female Terminal Block Connector

B. Cables with Soldered DB9/DB25 Connections

Custom RS232 Cables with soldered DB9 connections can be provided for applications where exact lengths are known.

soldering   connection-example-02serial-female-02  serial-male-02

C. Molded RS232 Cables

Standard molded RS232 cables with DB9 and DB25 connectors can be supplied for connection from Modems to PLC/RTU.  Molded cables are typically available in standard lengths of 6’. Molded cables are most cost effective, however for some applications, molded cables may be too large and bulky.

D. RS232 Cables with RJ45 Connections

Modern  RTU, PLC, Modem, and Data Communication devices are commonly are manufactured with RJ-45 connections for the serial connections. This allows smaller size & higher connector density.  Connection to these devices thus require custom cables with RJ45 ends connecting to DB9M, DB9F, flying lead, or RJ45 ends to interface with other devices. There is not a standard for RJ45 RS232 connection so cables must made specific to equipment model.








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