Benefits of Managed Cellular Data Services

The ubiquity of cellular communications has enabled simple and reliable data connectivity via cellular networks for SCADA applications. There are many benefits to using a managed cellular data communications service company.

Initially, systems were deployed using public Static IP. With increasing security threats such as Denial of Service (DOS) attacks,  Malware, Virus and other Hacking;  public static IP addresses are no longer acceptable.  This creates the importance of deployments with private APN / Private IP.  Depending on Carriers or geographical areas private IP/APN or static IP can be unavailable to non Enterprise Accounts or require longer contracts.

Frequently organizations do not have dedicated in-house technical support for Cellular Data Communication Networks or they have high staff turn-to maintain in-house support for data network support. In order to successfully manage ones cellular data a company would be a variety of highly skilled staff.

SCADALink provides Extended Managed Cellular Data Services for SME’s, Industrial, and Municipal Clients.  SCADALink Managed Cellular Services include:

  • Security –  Private APN and VPN SetupCommunication Services Management
  • Network Monitoring – Alerts for Outages, and Excessive Data Usage
  • Multi-Carrier Options
  • Roaming
  • Activation
  • Cellular Path Studies & Coverage Verification
  • Equipment and Application Technical Support
  • Redundancy and Fail-Over to Private Radio, Fiber, Satellite, Dual Cellular Carriers
  • Equipment Supply
  • Troubleshooting
  • Airtime Cost Optimization

Applications where Managed Cellular Data Services are beneficial

The following applications are where managed data services are beneficial.

  • Video Surveillance Systems – Mitigate Potential Excessive Airtime Usage
    and Overage Costs
  • Control System Networks –  Mitigate OT and IT Security Threats
  • Mobile Applications –  Availability and North American Roaming 24/7

SCADAlink is a leading provider in SCADA communication technologies. With over 20 years of experience in providing industrial remote monitoring-and-control solutions that range from the Oil & Gas to Water industry, our experience in the field ensures that customer expectations are met with reliable products and quality services.You can count on us to manage your cellular data communications.

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