SCADALink SatConnect Gateway Starlink Satellite Connectivity for SCADA, OT, and IoT Networks


Starlink with low latency, high speed, and unlimited data usage has become an option for users in areas with poor internet coverage. With the evolution of Starlink coverage, Starlink has seen increasing adoption in mobile, portable, and fixed-site use in Industrial SCADA & Remote Monitoring Applications.

The SCADALink SatConnect Gateway integrates Starlink Satellite connectivity with cellular and unlicensed broadband communications to provide rapid deploy connectivity in remote industrial applications. The SCADALink SatConnect Gateway is designed to provide instant SCADA and OT Network Connectivity to Equipment and Facilities at Remote Industrial Sites.  SatConnect is ideal for both temporary and  permanent  application.

Plug and Play Operation

The SatConnect Gateway is a complete integrated and tested package that can be deployed and made operational at remote sites in a matter of minutes.  The SatConnect Gateway housed in a rugged weatherproof NEMA4X package is easily transported to site. The SatConnect Pole Mount Stand allows the SatCONNECT Gateway to be easily installed even when there is no buildings on site.  The SatConnect Gateway can be installed beside a portable light tower or generator and powered by 120 VAC.  Elevated pole mounting of Starlink antenna ensures clear line of site to the satellite network.

Autopointing Ensures Plug and Play Operation

With auto-pointing Starlink system there is no requirement to send specially trained technicians to point and commission the satellite terminal.

VPN Security and Static IP

A managed VPN service ensures connectivity for applications that require a static IP connection. SatConnect’s managed VPN Network support enables secure access to your Remote PLC equipment for SCADA Monitoring and PLC Programming Access.  SatConnect supports configuration of multiple independent VLANs.  VPN networking allows Remote Access Connectivity using Starlink’s Dynamic IP addressing.

Unlimited Data Ensures Cost-effective Operation

Starlink features low-cost unlimited data.  This can be important for applications such as video surveillance, SCADA, and remote office applications.

Compact Turnkey Package

The compact rugged turnkey package ensures easy transport for portable applications required in oil field services operations.

Redundancy for Mission Critical Applications

SatConnect Gateway features Satellite, Cellular, and WAN links to provide wireless network redundancy for mission-critical applications.   This ensures connectivity in the event of network outages, network congestion, and rain and snow fade.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Site equipment can connect to a SCADALink SatConnect Gateway via wired or wireless Ethernet.   WiFi connectivity eliminate ground loops and electrical noise;  reduces time and labor costs for wired connections; and mitigates potential wire damage and tripping hazards,  and ensures hazardous area compliance  when connecting to equipment in hazardeous areas.

Managed Network Services

SatConnect is supported by SCADALink Managed Services including Starlink/Cellular Airtime Subscriptions;  Cloud VPN Networks; and Networking Monitoring.  This ensures single point of contact for service.

UPS Power and Cooling Fan

SCADALink SatConnect’s integrated UPS Power system ensures uninterrupted network connectivity even when the site is powered by unreliable line power;  LPG, Natural Gas, diesel or gas AC generators;  or vehicular based power.  SCADALink SatConnect can be supplied in 120 VAC or 24 VDC power  models. The SatConnect Gateweay includes a cooling fan to prevent shutdowns in extreme hot weather due to overheating.



Features and Specs

  • Plug and Play Operation
  • STARLINK, Cellular, and WAN Connectivity
  • Static Public or Private IP
  • Secure VPN Networks with Multiple VLAN
  • Integral 120 VAC UPS or 10-30 VDC Operation
  • Redundant / Fail-over Communications between Cellular, Starlink, or Unlicensed Broadband
  • Wired and WiFi Connectivity




SCADALink SatConnect for Remote River Pump House SCADA Communication


Starlink Terminal Mounted on River Pump House for SCADA Communications



  • Fixed Site System
  • Portable Rapid Deploy Systems
  • Mobile In-Motion Systems
  • Video Surveillance Options

Managed Network Services (Satellite, Cellular, & VPN)

  • Airtime Subscriptions 

Hardware Rentals

  • Month to Month Hardware Rental 


  • Site Delivery & Setup
  • Emergency Service


Remote Video Surveillance


Remote Industrial Video Surveillance

Bentek Systems provides complete Remote Video Surveillance Systems for Industrial Applications including:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Pipeline
  • Power
  • Water Systems
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing

Visual monitoring can be a vital component of remote site monitoring. Manual Visual Check or Automatic Visual Analytics can provide monitoring of large areas for the following purposes:

  • Security against Theft, Vandalism or Sabotage
  • Personnel Safety – Work Alone at Remote Sites
  • Process Monitoring – Loading Racks, Flare Monitoring
  • Sites with Large Environmental Impact

Remote Video Monitoring Systems Components

Remote Video Surveillance Systems Consist of Intelligent IP Camera Systems, Remote Communications, and Remote Power Systems.

IP Camera Systems can generate snapshots, MPEG clips on Schedule, Alarm, or Demand.  For sites, with high bandwidth, users can access the live streaming video. Cameras can perform capture based on external I/O triggers such as motion or door alarms; or via video analytics within the intelligent IP camera.

For Remote Site applications, low power operation is required since the system may only be powered by battery or solar power.

SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem for Remote Video Surveillance

SatSCADA Remote Camera Snapshot / Live view



IP Cameras

IP Cameras

IP Camera Systems are used in Remote Video Surveillance. IP cameras feature digital image sensors with high image resolutions, onboard web server,  DVR storage, video analytics, Dual Image Sensor, Power over Ethernet Connectivity, and low power operation making it suitable for remote industrial video surveillance.  Cameras can provide 1 or two images sensors providing the combination of Day, Night, Zoom and Thermal Image Sensors.  With an intelligent IP camera architecture, remote video systems using this IP Camera architecture can support 1 to N cameras.  The integrated web server in the camera provides easy integration into video monitoring systems, SCADA Hosts, and SatSCADA.

Mobotix DualDome D15—HiRes Sensor Camera

Mobotix AllroundDual M15—Weatherproof Premium Dual Lens Camera

Mobotix FlexMount S15—Dual Lense Remote Mount Image Sensor

This Mobotix S15 with remote image sensors allows the mounting and point flexibility for applications.

Explosion Proof Camera  – Class I Div 1 – with Mobotix Remote Sensor


Remote Mobotix Image Sensors housed in Explosion Proof Enclosures allow application in Class I Div 1 Areas such as those in Oil and Gas Production, Pipeline Operations, and Refineries.

Illumination Systems

IR Illuminators can be used to allow video surveillance at night.

Pan Tilt Zoom Systems

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) Camera and Camera Mounting can be used to allow remote monitoring system using remote camera control.


Axis IP Cameras

General Purpose Area Cameras

Bullet Cameras

Dome Cameras

360 Cameras

Pan, Tilt, Zoom Cameras

Thermal Camera

Radar Sensor

Explosion Proof Cameras


Bullet Cameras

Axis P1448-LE Bullet Camera – Datasheet

Axis P1455-LE Bullet Camera



Axis Q1798-LE


Dome Cameras



360 Cameras

AXIS Q6010E 360 degree Camera –Datasheet

This can have a PTZ installed with it, so if you’re planning on providing 360 coverage and a PTZ, this is the model to go with.

AXIS 3719-PLE 360 Degree Camera – Datasheet

Pan Tilt Zoom Camera

***Axis Q6075-E PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) Camera – Datasheet   – this camera can be steered by  a  Q6010 360 degree camera, Radar, or Thermal Camera



AXIS Q6135-LE PTZ Network Camera – Datasheet



Thermal Camera

Axis Q6215-LE – Datasheet



Axis Q1290-E Thermal Camera



AXIS Q1942-E

Radar Sensor

Axis D2110-VE Security Radar – Datasheet

Explosion Proof Cameras

Axis D201-S XPT Q6055 PTZ – Datasheet

Axis Fixed F101-A XF Q1785 Explosion-Protected Network Camera – Datasheet

Explosion Proof: AXIS XP40-Q1765 Protected PTZ Network Camera – Datasheet


Sample Try for jump links



Communications Options for Remote Video Surveillance

Remote Communications is a critical aspect of Remote Video Surveillance Systems. The following table shows a comparison of Wireless Communications Methods can be utilized for Video Surveillance Systems.

1Sat/CellRemoteLowDual Mode ideal for Remote Site Monitoring that requires image.SCADALink SAT130
2CellularLong - Cell CoverageLow/MedFor Site with Good Cellular Coverage.SCADALink SAT130
3VSAT SatelliteAnywhereHighHigh Speed Satellite Communication for Remote Sites with Streaming Video.VSAT
4900 MhzUp to 10 milesMedRemote Site Communications to Plant.MDS iNET
5WiFiShortMedShort Distances (300 feet) to Plants.SCADALink SAT130

SAT130 Dual Mode Cell/Sat Modem

The SAT130 Dual Mode Satellite/Cellular Modem IoT Gateway can be provided for remote connectivity to IP Cameras for Remote Site Video Surveillance & Monitoring Applications.

Satellite/Cell Connectivity

The SAT130 with Dual Mode Sat Cellular Connectivity allows connectivity even in the most remote areas.  In areas of cellular communication, the SAT130 can provide high-speed IP communications to IP cameras for streaming video,  video and image files. In areas without cellular coverage, the satellite mode can provide the ability to send image files on demand or schedule.  The SAT130 has an FTP Proxy which can allow IP cameras to transfer images over the satellite link.

Ethernet Connectivity

The SAT130 has Ethernet Connectivity for Connectivity to IP Cameras.


Remote Power

Frequently at Remote Sites, line power may not be readily available. Remote Video Surveillance Systems may require remote power systems including battery, solar, fuel cells or generators. For remote sites without readily available utility power, Solar and TEG Power Systems can be supplied to power the equipment.   Intelligent Power Control (timed control of camera or illumination system) may be required to minimize power draw.



The following images show a typical Industrial Remote Video Monitoring System including IP Camera Systems, Solar Power, and Wireless Communications. Video Monitoring augments Level Sensors.

Video Surveillance System with Cellular

This Remote Monitoring Solar powered. Video monitoring augments water level sensors in this flood warning system.


Camera View

High Resolution allows view of water level gauge as well as lake background.