SCADALink RS485 Hub – Class I Div 2 Rated

  • RS485 Hub
    SCADALink RS485HUB Industrial Isolated 3 Port RS485 Hub, Class I Div 2.


SCADALink 485Hub – RS485 Hub

The SCADAlink 485HUB is a RS485 Hub designed for connecting RS485 field devices in rugged industrial applications. The DIN Rail mounted 485Hub features RS232/RS485 inputs and 3 isolated 2 wire RS485  output ports.  The 485HUB features low power operation, wide voltage operation range (10-30 VDC) and Class I Div 2 rating.SCADALink RS485 HUB

RS232 and RS485 Inputs

The RS485Hub has RS232 and RS485 inputs allowing direct connection from PLC, RTU, Computers, Ethernet to Serial Terminal Servers and Modems to RS485 field instruments.

The 485HUB has an RS485 bus that allows multiple 485HUBs to be bussed together to expand the hub from 3 to 6, & 9 ports.


All data on the RS232 and RS485 input port is transmitted to the RS485 Hub ports.  Receive traffic on RS485 Hub Ports are transmitted only to the input port. Up to 32 RS485 devices can be connected to each hub port. Each hub output port is individually isolated to protect from surges of any port affecting equipment on other ports. Isolation and independent drivers on each port minimize device loading and end of line termination issues affecting RS485 communication. Even a wiring fault on an individual hub port will not affect communications on other ports. Since the RS485 hub ports are isolated,  problems on a single hub port can be easily isolated and resolved.

Simple Terminal Block Wiring

Each of the 3 RS485 Hub Ports is terminated on its own individual removable connector.  RS485 field wiring can be connected directly to the removable connectors.  Individual RS485 connectors can be easily disconnected to isolate and troubleshoot a specific connection.

A USB maintenance port, when connected, overrides the input port, allowing easy troubleshooting.

RS485 Star Wiring  Network Topology 

The 485HUB is designed to connect longer RS485 wiring runs in a star topology from a central location.  Each hub port is an independently isolated channel. Isolation and independent channels prevent grounding, device loading, termination problems, signal loss, and noise on one RS485 connection from affecting the RS485 network.  A Hub topology simplifies system troubleshooting.



The 485HUB is ideal for applications where there are multiple remote RS485 connected field instruments. Independently isolated hub ports allow wiring connectivity in a simple star network topology to ensure higher reliability RS485 networking and increasing uptime and minimizing commissioning, maintenance, and troubleshooting costs.

Long RS485 instrument cable runs should use an individual RS485 hub port for maximum isolation and protection against surge and lightning damage to equipment in the connected network.

The length of each individual RS485 run can exceed 4000′.

USB Input Override

The 485HUB has USB Input Override mode where the input is bypassed by the USB when connected, allowing maintenance access to the RS485 connected devices with the removal of RS485 wiring. This ideal for maintenance and configuration of RS485 instruments.


RS485 Hub FeaturesSCADALink RS485 HUB

  • Industrial RS-232/RS-485 to Isolated 3 Port 2 Wire RS-485 HUB
  • USB Input Port – USB Override
  • Terminal Block Field Connections
  • DIN Rail Mount
  • Class 1 Div 2 Certification Pending


Input Power10 to 30 VDC – 200mA Max, 1W Avg
Baud Rate1200 – 115,200 (Selectable)
RS-485:+ , – ,  GND
USB:Standard USB B-Type (Drivers)
  3 Isolated Rs-485 Ports:+ , – , GND
Termination 120 Ohms (Selectable)
Mounting35mm DIN-rail
Dimensions99m(L) x 23mm(W) x 116mm(H)
Temperature -40 to 70C
CertificationClass I Div 2, Group C, D T3C Suitable for Use in Class 1 Zone 2, IIB T3C



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