Starlink Connectivity for Oil & Gas Field Service

At many remote oil and gas field sites, cellular communications can be intermittment or non-existent. Starlink deployed in field service trucks or on portable office trailers can provide reliable voice and data connectivity at those sites.

With its high bandwidth and low cost data,  Starlink is becoming an alternative satellite communications technology vs VSAT, BGAN, or Iridium satellite solutions.  A advantage of Starlink compared to VSAT solutions is the low deployment cost as the result of small size and autopointing technology. No specially trained satellite technicians are required to point the antenna system.  The low cost data plans make Starlink deployments affordable compared Inmarsat BGAN and Iridium based satellite solutions.

Starlink being a Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite system will have better coverage in rugged terrain with southerly obstructions compared to Geosynchroneous (GEO) satellite systems.

The SCADAlink SatConnect Gateway which integrates Starlink and Cellular communications technology in a rapid deploy solution is ideal for remote Industrial Applications such as Oil and Gas.

With Starlink connectivity, IP Telephony applications such as Telus Business Connect, Skype, WhatsApp or cellular over WiFi can be used for voice communication where cellular is unrealiable or does not work.  Field tests have shown that Starlink connectivity can provide improved mobile call connectivity.

Reliable VPN and WAN connectivity also allows for remote PLC/RTU/HMI  programming, configuration, and firmware updates.

Reliable high speed WAN connection ensures remote office work productivity as remote desktop, web applications, file services, and video conferencing can be used.



SCADALink SatConnect Gateway Starlink Satellite Connectivity for SCADA, OT, and IoT Networks


Starlink with low latency, high speed, and unlimited data usage has become an option for users in areas with poor internet coverage. With the evolution of Starlink coverage, Starlink has seen increasing adoption in mobile, portable, and fixed-site use in Industrial SCADA & Remote Monitoring Applications.

The SCADALink SatConnect Gateway integrates Starlink Satellite connectivity with cellular and unlicensed broadband communications to provide rapid deploy connectivity in remote industrial applications. The SCADALink SatConnect Gateway is designed to provide instant SCADA and OT Network Connectivity to Equipment and Facilities at Remote Industrial Sites.  SatConnect is ideal for both temporary and  permanent  application.

Plug and Play Operation

The SatConnect Gateway is a complete integrated and tested package that can be deployed and made operational at remote sites in a matter of minutes.  The SatConnect Gateway housed in a rugged weatherproof NEMA4X package is easily transported to site. The SatConnect Pole Mount Stand allows the SatCONNECT Gateway to be easily installed even when there is no buildings on site.  The SatConnect Gateway can be installed beside a portable light tower or generator and powered by 120 VAC.  Elevated pole mounting of Starlink antenna ensures clear line of site to the satellite network.

Autopointing Ensures Plug and Play Operation

With auto-pointing Starlink system there is no requirement to send specially trained technicians to point and commission the satellite terminal.

VPN Security and Static IP

A managed VPN service ensures connectivity for applications that require a static IP connection. SatConnect’s managed VPN Network support enables secure access to your Remote PLC equipment for SCADA Monitoring and PLC Programming Access.  SatConnect supports configuration of multiple independent VLANs.  VPN networking allows Remote Access Connectivity using Starlink’s Dynamic IP addressing.

Unlimited Data Ensures Cost-effective Operation

Starlink features low-cost unlimited data.  This can be important for applications such as video surveillance, SCADA, and remote office applications.

Compact Turnkey Package

The compact rugged turnkey package ensures easy transport for portable applications required in oil field services operations.

Redundancy for Mission Critical Applications

SatConnect Gateway features Satellite, Cellular, and WAN links to provide wireless network redundancy for mission-critical applications.   This ensures connectivity in the event of network outages, network congestion, and rain and snow fade.

Wired and Wireless Connectivity

Site equipment can connect to a SCADALink SatConnect Gateway via wired or wireless Ethernet.   WiFi connectivity eliminate ground loops and electrical noise;  reduces time and labor costs for wired connections; and mitigates potential wire damage and tripping hazards,  and ensures hazardous area compliance  when connecting to equipment in hazardeous areas.

Managed Network Services

SatConnect is supported by SCADALink Managed Services including Starlink/Cellular Airtime Subscriptions;  Cloud VPN Networks; and Networking Monitoring.  This ensures single point of contact for service.

UPS Power and Cooling Fan

SCADALink SatConnect’s integrated UPS Power system ensures uninterrupted network connectivity even when the site is powered by unreliable line power;  LPG, Natural Gas, diesel or gas AC generators;  or vehicular based power.  SCADALink SatConnect can be supplied in 120 VAC or 24 VDC power  models. The SatConnect Gateweay includes a cooling fan to prevent shutdowns in extreme hot weather due to overheating.



Features and Specs

  • Plug and Play Operation
  • STARLINK, Cellular, and WAN Connectivity
  • Static Public or Private IP
  • Secure VPN Networks with Multiple VLAN
  • Integral 120 VAC UPS or 10-30 VDC Operation
  • Redundant / Fail-over Communications between Cellular, Starlink, or Unlicensed Broadband
  • Wired and WiFi Connectivity




SCADALink SatConnect for Remote River Pump House SCADA Communication


Starlink Terminal Mounted on River Pump House for SCADA Communications



  • Fixed Site System
  • Portable Rapid Deploy Systems
  • Mobile In-Motion Systems
  • Video Surveillance Options

Managed Network Services (Satellite, Cellular, & VPN)

  • Airtime Subscriptions 

Hardware Rentals

  • Month to Month Hardware Rental 


  • Site Delivery & Setup
  • Emergency Service