Water Treatment Flow Monitoring

Water Treatment Flow Monitoring

Bentek Systems provides portable flow meter solutions for Water Treatment Solutions.

Portable Flow Meter Skids

Portable Rental Flow Meters Skids are proposed for in Water Treatment Rental and Service Solutions as shown. Each Flow Meter is a Battery Powered Electromagnetic Flow Meter as shown. Each skid is shelf contained including flow meter, meter skid, and piping including camlock fittings.

Water Treatment Monitoring 01

Portable Flow Meter Skid Details

Flow Meter in Cage on Skid

The preceding drawing shows example of a portable meter skid for 6″ Flowmeter.
The meter skid includes the Seametrix IMAG Mag Flowmeter, complete with meter skid cage, transition piping and camlock type quick connectors. The Flow Meter Skid is battery powered with local display and is complete ready to operate.

Remote Monitoring Access using the SAT120 Wireless Gateway Hub and Wireless Flow Sensor Nodes

A Wireless Sensor Gateway Hub is used with one or more Wireless Flow Transmitter Nodes. Each Wireless Flow Transmitter Nodes are connected to the flowmeters.

The Wireless Sensor Gateway Hub allows the monitoring of the Gateway Hub locally (WiFi) and remotely (satellite and cellular) via web browser on laptop, tablet or smartphone. Addition  Wirelesss Sensor modes can be deployed data to collect level, temperate, pressure, and flow by deploying the appropriate wireless sensor nodes.

The proposed system utilizes a SAT130 (Sat/Cellular) hub with Wireless Sensor Gateway.   The use of the dual mode Satellite/Cellular SAT130 ensure coverages in the most remote locations. Wireless Sensor Nodes enable flexibility allow addition of Wireless Sensor Nodes as required without hardwiring or cables.

Wireless Sensor Nodes

Flow Meters are connected via Wireless Turbine Sensor Nodes as shown.

Water Treatment Monitoring 02

Portable Flowmeter Skid Details with SAT130 Hub & Wireless Sensor Nodes Attached

Flow Meter with SAT130 HUB & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on Skid  Flow Meter & Wireless Sensor Node in Cage on Skid

The preceding drawings shows example of a portable meter skid for a 6″ Flowmeter with SAT130 Wirelesss Hub and Wireless Sensor Nodes; or with Wireless Sensor Node attached. A single Wireless Hub can support numerous Wireless Sensor Nodes up to 1 mile line of site.