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SCADALink IP100 User Guide

This guide has topics that are specific to the SCADALink IP100. Click the logo to return to this home page.

In addition to this guide you can use SCADALink IP100 Product Page to obtain further information.

Telephone and email support are available at:

Click this to get the IP100 graphical user interface (GUI) installers. View the CHANGELOG.txt for details.

Download the latest version


IP100 Hardware

The SCADALink IP100 is a Serial-to-Ethernet Gateway, Multiport Industrial Terminal Server and Multiplexer designed for SCADA and automation applications requiring Serial Connectivity of LAN/WAN and Internet Networks. The IP100 enables IP access to serially connected devices such as PLC’s, RTU’s, SCADA hosts, Flow Computers, Data loggers and Radio Modem systems.

Unique features such as multiple host connections and simultaneous TCP, UDP and Modbus TCP ports give it flexibility and scalability in automation and SCADA applications. A built-in Monitor tool enables serial communications diagnostics by providing users with realtime protocol analysis capabilities on selected serial channels. Configuration is done via a windows GUI application.

Getting Started

All IP100 functions are configured using the IP100 GUI.

To configure the IP100 you will require:

  • Laptop or Desktop PC for running configuration software (IP100 GUI).
  • Straight through serial cable to connect to IP100 COM1.
  • Ethernet cable to connect to connect to IP100 ethernet port.

The IP100 GUI may be included on a USB stick with the IP100 package you received and is available online.

Your system may be pre-configured for your application. The IP100 GUI can be used to modify the configuration.



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