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SCADALink Locator User Guide

This User Guide shows how to use the SCADALink Locator Desktop and SCADALink Locator Mobile. Click the Bentek logo to return to this page.

Video Tutorials

Each of these tutorials has a point by point procedure in text with a video that demonstrates that procedure.

Convert LSD to Lat/Lng

  • Click the Convert tab.
  • Click the DLS tab.
  • Enter the grid coordinate with the drop down lists.
  • Click the Convert button.

You can also use this form to enter the grid coordinate by pasting into the text box using Ctrl-V. The text box takes precedence over the drop down list. You can select other output coordinates using the check boxes. By default DD and DLS are selected.

After you have converted a grid coordinate you can click the Clear button to clear all entries in the form and go back to defaults.

See the Coordinate Conversion topic for more details.

Display a Location on Google Maps

  • Convert a grid coordinate using the Convert tab.
  • Click the Map button to display the location on Google Maps.
  • On the map click the Locations tab to show the list of locations (there is one in this example).
  • Click the location in the list to show the location info bubble.
  • Click again to make the bubble disappear.
  • Click the Locations tab again to make the list disappear.
  • Click the location marker to make the info bubble appear.
  • Click the Help tab to get more information about using the map feature.
  • Enter an address in the Address bar and press the return key on your keyboard (or the Get Directions button).
  • A route will be displayed.
  • Click the Directions tab to get a list of turn by turn driving directions.

You can get a hard copy of the map and directions by using your browser's print feature.

See the Creating Maps topic for more details.

Using Help and Tool Tips

  • Select a form by clicking it and hover over any label or button with your mouse.
  • A tool tip will be displayed in a box with yellow background.
  • Click Help > Contents to view help topics.
  • Select any topic in the help sidebar.
  • Use the green arrows to move back and forth between topics you have read.

See the Using the Help Menu topic for more details.

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