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Locator Mobile User Guide

SCADALink Locator Mobile is a web application for converting LSD / DLS or BC NTS coordinates to Lat / Long and mapping the location in Google Maps. It allows users to find locations anywhere in the four Western Provinces of Canada.

SCADALink Locator Mobile is optimized for use with smartphones and mobile tablets such as Android, iPhone, iPad and Blackberry.

Use of SCADALink Locator Mobile combined with applications such as Google Navigation and Garmin helps field workers locate oil and gas sites.

SCADALink Locator Enterprise adds location management features to the SCADALink Locator to enable field workers to save and share location information among enterprise team members.

Bentek Systems, the developer of SCADALink Locator is a leading provider of Wireless SCADA & Telemetry Solutions for Remote Monitoring and Control of Oil and Gas Sites.

Bentek Systems' SCADALink Locator services include batch coordinate conversion and mobile database applications development.

For more information see: Locator Product Page

Video: Convert LSD to Lat/Lng

  • Navigate to Mobile Locator with your browser.
  • The rotating ads at the top of the form can be clicked to get more details about a product.
  • Click the 'DLS/LSD to Lat/Lng' button.
  • Enter your grid coordinate with the drop down lists.
  • Click Convert and the see the output in the Result box.
  • Click the Map button to view the location on a Google Map.

You can also enter a grid coordinate in the box below the drop down lists. The input box takes precedence over the drop down lists.

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