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SCADALink RIO User Guide

Document #: RIO_IOM_V100

Version: 1.00

This guide has topics that are specific to the SCADALink RIO100 and RIO900. Click the logo or bread crumb to return to this home page.

In addition to this guide you can find further information at:

Telephone and email support are available at:

Click this to get the RIO GUI installer. View the README.txt and CHANGELOG.txt for details.

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RIO900 Hardware

The SCADALink RIO900 is a license-free 900 MHz Radio / RTU designed for serial communications to smart devices such as PLC, RTU, & Electronic Flow Meters (EFM) and industrial I/O signals such as 4-20mA signals and dry contact digital I/O.

The RIO900 features modem, wireless RTU and I/O telemetry capabilities.

The RIO100 is the radio-less version of the RIO900.

The RIO900 features spread-spectrum radio technology providing a LOS range of up to 40 miles with high gain antennas. It is ideal for SCADA applications that requires wireless communication to smart meters such as EFMs, Level Transmitters, Power Meters and instrumentation.

SCADALink I/O modules can be attached to the RIO to provide analog and digital I/O capabilities for I/O Telemetry and Remote I/O.

Getting Started

Your RIO based system will include 2 or more RIO modules and I/O modules. All RF Network, Remote I/O, and I/O Telemetry Functions are configured using the RIO Graphical User Interface (GUI) application software.

To configure the RIO you will require:

  • Laptop or Desktop PC - for running configuration software (RIO GUI).
  • Straight through serial cable, DB9F to DB9M - to connect to RIO COM1.

The RIO GUI is included on a USB stick with the RIO package you received or available online.

Your system may be pre-configured for your application. The RIO GUI can be used to modify the configuration.






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