The Electrolab 2100 DLS Series Digital Level Sensors are cost effective, flexible accurate level sensors for tank and level monitoring applications.

2100 series with Modbus RS485 Interface features with low power operation and rapid warmup make it ideal for battery powered Wireless Sensor Operation. RS485 interface allows multiple level and temperature measurement with 4 wires.

The 2100 DLS also has a independent High Level Switch for use in high level shut-in. This allows for a cost effective installation where level measurement and shutdown is required. The 2100 Serial can be equipped with additional float to measure up to 8 independent levels.


2100 DLS2011 DLS with High-Level Shut-In Sensor

The 2100 Digital Level Sensor(DLS) with High Level Shut-In delivers consistently accurate measurements of different types of fluids in both hazardous and non-hazardous environments. Multiple fluid densities and temperatures do not affect measurement. The DLS with High Level Shut-In effectively measures the level and temperature of a variety of liquids, including Crude oil, Diesel, Kerosene, Condensate, Gasoline, Water, and Others.


RU Flex 2100 DLSRU Flex 2100 Digital Level Sensor

The patent-pending RU Flex 2100 DLS is a flexible, extremely rugged, chemically and abrasion resistant digital level sensor offering continuous, accurate, and reliable monitoring of tank level and temperature. With an 18” flexible radius, one person can install the sensor in 15 minutes. Increased measurement accuracy (3/16″ when ordered with 1/8″ resolution) makes this sensor ready for more stringent API 18.2 measurement requirements.

Wireless Sensor Node Interface

Use with Wireless Modbus Nodes, the 2100 DLS can provide tank monitoring without need to run conduit and cabling on the tanks.

Wireless Sensor Node & 2011 DLS with High-Level Shut-In Sensor





Future & Spec

2100 DLS

  • Resolution: ½ inch (+/- ¼ inch), +/- ¼ inch (+/- 1/8 inch)
  • # Floats: One float for product level, one float for water interface and high-level, one float for high-level shut-in
  • Digital Output Trigger Settings: For 1/4″, 9.5′ from the top of the measurement scale, for 1/2″, 11″ from the top of the measurement scale, High-High alarm allows for complete shut-in within 4″ of the top of the measurement scale
  • Communication Options: Hardwire (RS-485, 4-20mA signal), Wireless
  • Protocols: Modbus RTU 16-bit, Modbus RTU 32-bit, Serial via ASCII, Modbus RTU 2 x 16-bit
  • Wiring: 16-18 AWG recommended for Digital Circuits
  • Tubing Material: 316L Stainless Steel (18 gauge)
  • Measurement Length: 2-35 feet
  • Composition of fluid to be measured inside tank: Water, oil, gas, diesel, kerosene, condensate and others


RU Flex 2100 DLS

  • Hose Material and Length Pressure: UHMW-PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene)
  • Measurement lengths: 2 to 48 feet
  • Level Measurement Increments:
    • 1/8-in. resolution; 3/16-in. accuracy
    • 1/4-in. resolution; +/- 1/8-in. accuracy
    • 1/2-in. resolution; +/- 1/4-in. accuracy
    • +/- 0.1% repeatability
  • Coiled Diameter: Approximately 36-inch diameter (will vary slightly with the length of the sensor)
  • Float:
    • NYTROPHYL stainless steel
    • Two piece floats for field installation and replacement
    • One float used for product level
    • One float for water interface level
    • Designed to fit through a three-inch NFPT tank port
    • Operating Temperature Range: -40 degrees C to 80 degrees C
  • Temperature Measurement:
    • 12 inches from bottom
    • +/- 1.5 degrees C accuracy
    • Up to 8 distinct temperature measurements (one standard)
  • Power Requirements: • 5.6 VDC to 12.9 VDC
  • Power Consumption: 15 mA nominal 20 mA maximum
  • Pressure: 40 psi: standard
  • Protocol:
    • Modbus RTU 16-bit unsigned integer
    • Modbus RTU 32-bit floating point
    • Modbus RTU 2 x 16-bit
    • Serial Data via ASCII
  • Anchor Weight: 3 in. diameter, required weight varies based on sensor length
  • Wiring: 18 AWG recommended for digital circuits
  • Classification: Class I, Div. 1, Group D hazardous locations (when connected to an approved intrinsically safe barrier device)
  • Certification:
    • ANSI/UL-913, 7th Edition
    • CAN/CSA C22, No. 157
  • Communication: Open communication protocols allow Electrolab’s RU Flex 2100 DLS to interface with most manufacturers’ equipment. We offer:
    • RS485
    • Two- or four- wire communications
    • Baud rate and parity programmable
    • 4-20mA signal available when connected to an Electrolab 3010 digital-to-analog converter board
  • Wireless compatibility with preferred partners



Flexibility and easy installation make it ideal for the following applications.

  • Production Tanks
  • Frac Water Supply Tanks
  • Water Treatment and Recycling




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